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Big Changes Rumored for Overwatch in Coming Weeks, Hero Bans Possible

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According to both popular Overwatch streamer Jeff “emongg” Anderson and streamer @Metro_OW, there are rumored to be big changes coming to Overwatch. In as little as two weeks from now, right around the start of the Overwatch League’s third season, each of these sources has hinted at a major development coming to Overwatch.

Below is what emongg had to say about these potential upcoming changes:

Hero Bans?

About 10 hours after emongg claimed this on his stream, Metro, who has leaked things related to Overwatch’s core decision making in the past, sent out the following tweet suggesting that hero bans will be coming soon. They claim the development team has been working on these for some time, but also cautions to take this with a “grain of salt” in the following tweet.

So, while it’s clear that this claim is still certainly in the realm of rumor, rather than anything reported or official. However, the claim that something is coming in the next two weeks, having been claimed by two different individuals, may be cause for players to pay attention nearing the end of this month. It has been six months since Overwatch’s last hero and the game is in desperate need of a major update of some kind. Who knows, hero bans may just be the trick.

The Game Haus will continue to track this story and report back with more information in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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杰夫·卡普兰(Jeff Kaplan)确认暴雪论坛上没有英雄禁令 皇马电竞竞猜 _ 皇马电竞竞猜 January 22, 2020 at 10:11 pm

[…] 几个小时前,《守望先锋》的导演杰夫·卡普兰(Jeff Kaplan)在暴雪论坛上发表了一篇帖子,谈到了最近关于竞争性《守望先锋》中有关英雄禁令的传言。这也是在 Metro 已知的泄密者出现在现场几天后,报道可能引入英雄禁令之后的几天。有关更多背景信息,请阅读即将到来的几周《守望先锋》传闻的重大变化,《英雄禁令》 。 […]


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