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Betting on OWL: Week 13 Money Lines

In the ever evolving world of fantasy esports, the Overwatch League added a new outlet for fantasy enthusiasts. Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control approved wagering on the Overwatch League, as well as several other esports events. Betting on money lines is much less intensive than handling an entire fantasy roster, but has a little more at stake. For those living in Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia, there is now an opportunity to make some cash during this already strange season.

Wait, What is “Money Line”?

Money line betting is simply betting on which team wins the match. The numbers associated dictates how much a bettor needs to put down in order to either win $100, or how much a $100 bet cashes out.

For example: In a match between Boston and New York, the money line would look something along the lines of New York (-200) and Boston (+250). In this example, New York is the clear favorite, as the bettor would need to pay $200 earn order to win $100 back. On the other hand, putting $100 down on the underdog Boston would produce a $250 payout with an Uprising win.

Week 13 Money Lines

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Saturday Matches

New York Excelsior (+137) vs Shanghai Dragons (-189)
Guangzhou Charge (+246) vs Seoul Dynasty (-370)
Dallas Fuel (+120) vs Washington Justice (-164)
Los Angeles Valiant (+220) vs Atlanta Reign (-323)
Houston Outlaws(+331) vs San Francisco Shock (-526)

Sunday Matches

Chengdu Hunters (+450) vs New York Excelsior (-833)
Hangzhou Spark (+352) vs Seoul Dynasty (-588)
Paris Eternal (+272) vs Philadelphia Fusion (-417)
Boston Uprising (+246) vs Florida Mayhem (-370)
Toronto Defiant (+162) vs Los Angeles Gladiators (-227)

Best Bet of the Weekend: Dallas @ +120

Photo: Carlton Beener for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

This Dallas Fuel is not the same team analysts expected to see in the off-season. After impressive wins over the Valiant and Justice, and one extremely close match the Shock, the Dallas Fuel are a surprisingly good team. Now facing the Justice once more as alleged underdogs, the Fuel look to be a lock for a big cash out in the money line. Feel confident that Dallas will continue their hot-streak against a much weaker Washington roster.

Big Gamble of the Weekend: Paris @ +272
Photo: Carlton Beener for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

Paris has already shown they can go toe-to-toe with Philadelphia going to map 5 twice in their past 2 matches. The line itself doesn’t see the two going the distance this time around, but that may be a reflection of Paris missing their DPS star Ki-hyo “XZI” Jung. Despite their suprising loss to the Florida Mayhem, Paris have still looked like a strong team that can scare any top-10 opponent. Throw a few bucks at the Eternal and hope they can flip the script on Philly one more time.

 Safest Bet of the Weekend: Florida @ -370
Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

If there is any doubt left over from last week’s match up, go ahead and re-watch the spawn camping Florida gave to Boston on Nepal. Boston looks to be one of the few underdog teams that have zero shot at overcoming their opponent this weekend. If the Uprising even won a team fight last weekend, the narrative may be a little different – however that just isn’t the case. Betting on Florida to simply win may just be the easiest money someone could ask for this week.

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