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Beginners Tips for Playing Sigma in Overwatch

sigma guide

This competitive season has felt quite a bit different than most, and for good reason. Not only has the game undergone one of the single biggest changes in its life with 2-2-2 role lock, but Sigma has also been thrown directly into the mix. Overwatch’s 31st hero has been planted directly into this pseudo competitive season, leaving some players at a loss for how to operate with and against the new hero in a competitive setting. Hopefully players new and old can use the following tips to help improve their Sigma play.

Tip #1: Don’t Leave Shield Deployed

One of the easiest ways to throw away Sigma’s value is to throw out his shield and just leave it there. This will quickly bleed the health of the shield down and can leave a team defenseless if the enemy team pushes in afterward. The best thing to do, instead, is to use the shield as a backup to an Orisa/Reinhardt or use it in short spurts while ducking behind cover. It is also handy on offense to cut off line of sight from high ground, just don’t leave it there too long.

sigma guide
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Tip #2: Don’t Shoot Directly at Squishy Targets

One of the things that is most handy about Sigma’s primary fire is that it ricochets, or bounces, off of the ground within its max range. These projectiles are admittedly hard to get used to at first so, as an alternative to directly shooting at a Tracer or Genji, shoot at their feet. Usually, the bounce from the initial ricochet is easier to land than a direct hit, similar to how Pharah’s rockets are useful near a target. This is a small and situational tip, but one that can greatly aid in a player’s aim on the scientist.

Tip #3: Don’t Use Sigma’s Ultimate From the Frontline

This one may be obvious, but it’s worth touching on nonetheless. Sigma is very vulnerable when initiating his ultimate, freely floating in the air for the enemy team to shoot down or stun. So, rather than triggering the ultimate from the front of the pack, go on a quick flank or move to the backline and start it from there. Anywhere that Sigma is most safe is the best spot to trigger the devastating ultimate.

sigma guide
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Tip #4: Use Kinetic Grasp Only When Truly Needed

It’s easy to want to use this one as soon as it comes off cooldown — but think twice next time. This is an ability that can absorb any projectile and should only be used when absolutely necessary. Just using it because a little bit of pressure is coming in can lead to an ultimate taking Sigma out right afterward. As much as possible, rely on healers and the shield first and foremost and save this for defensive or counter plays to negate ultimates.

Tip #5: Go to the Training Area for a While to Practice Accretion

This is one of the stranger projectiles in the game currently and there’s no shame in practicing it. Go test how to works off of some high ground, against enemies on the same plane and nailing those longer shots with it. Spending just 5-10 minutes should help a lot and should be much clearer to see than the chaos in-game.

Overall, this competitive role queue beta season is about testing and learning, so don’t be afraid to use Sigma now before he goes live in September for the next official competitive season. If it’s not worth it now, it will be then.


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