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Atlantic South All-Star Fantasy Team

The Atlanta North division fantasy team will be published separately. This article focuses on their counterpart, Atlanta South. This division includes the Atlanta Reign, Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, Philadelphia Fusion and Washington Justice. The Atlanta South has two top tier teams in Florida and Philly, one mid-tier with Atlanta, and two struggling teams in Huston and Washington, which gives this division a good balance.

To refresh, the rules will be: each Overwatch League team cannot have more than two players in the All-Star Line up. There will be a total of 10 players per Overwatch League team, 6 starters and 4 substitutes. The list below won’t differentiate between starters or substitutes, as honestly any of these players could start. It is, of course, noted that some of these teams are not in the same region right now, because of Covid-19. London and New York are both currently in the APAC region. But for the sake of organization, this will be according to the Overwatch League pre-drawn up regional divisions. This is, of course, subjective and is not an all-mighty and knowing list.

Atlantic South

Atlantic Division All Star Overwatch
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Atlanta Reign

  • Andrej ‘Babybay’ Francisty – DPS
    • When Babybay moved from the San Francisco Shock to the Atlanta Reign he became the face of the team. His vibes and ways with words on social media has gained him much attention and fans. No doubt fans would want to see him alongside some of the best, as he danced his way in and out of game, to victory.
  • Dusttin ‘Dogman’ Bowerman -Support
    • Dogman never shies away from using words. From yelling across the stage at the Blizzard Arena to online interviews and social media he is not afraid to stir up some drama. His support play and passionate playstyle would net the community a great match with him in it.

Florida Mayhem

  • Junki ‘Yaki’ Kim -DPS
    • Between Yaki and Dogman, there would be no team as well equipped to throwing some shade on and off stage. Yaki is able to back up that smack talk. He has become an MVP candidate worthy player in Season 3. A lot of the Florida Mayhem’s turnaround success has come from the DPS line up and Yaki’s sheer skill.
  • Namjin ‘Gargoyle’ Kang – Tank
    • Gargoyle coming into Season 3 wasn’t a Runaway recruit that everyone was hyping up. He has come and shown that he is a solid tank in the Overwatch League. He has contributed in bringing the Mayhem to that top tier position in the NA Overwatch League. As he is still young, having the opportunity to play with older more experienced players could help him grow.

Houston Outlaws

  • Joao Pedro Goes ‘Hydration’ Telles – Tank
    • In Season 1 of the Overwatch League in what world would the community have thought of Hydration as a tank? He pulled a RyuJeKong and transitioned from his original role to the main tank of the Houston Outlaws. He not only has the Houston fans behind him but also the LA Gladiator frontline who still cheer for him. His flexibility could have him playing Pharah next to Babybay or Winston alongside Gargoyle.
  • Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz -DPS
    • Danteh is more than deserving to get a spot in the All-Star match. He has worked hard to get to that top tier DPS and continue to show great performances. Danteh playing alongside some other world-class DPS could show the community what he can really get done. The pull of seeing him play with Babybay giving a Shock reunion would also be a blast to see.

Philadelphia Fusion

  • Jaehyeok ‘Carpe’ Lee -DPS
    • The Captain of the Philadelphia Fusion and one of the most deadly DPS. Carpe with his no-nonsense DPS can pull up insane numbers that has garnered him a great fan base. He no doubt, would love to go up against Jjonak in All-Stars to prove to his friend no matter what team they are on that Carpe will always dominate.
  • Philip ‘Chipsa’ Graham -DPS
    • The All-Star event in a fan-voted affair. That being said it is most likely that Chipsa would be voted in by his dedicated fan base. He is not just an entertainer and stream, but a good Doomfist player. This pick really shows how All-Stars shows us that the fan voice has a strong presence. But a Chipsa Doomfist next to a Danteh Tracer sounds pretty dirty to play against especially on a Control map.

Washington Justice

  • Minseok ‘Aimgod’ Kim -Support
    • It was a struggle to pick between Ark and Aimgod. Ultimately Aimgod is a player that has interested many NA fans from his time on Boston. Not only is he a support that can pop off, but is known to have a sassy side to him as well. Thinking of other event that All-Star might have a Zen vs. Zen match against Jjonak or Kariv would be hype.
  • Hyeonwoo ‘Jjanu’ Choi -Tank
    • Jjanu is the beloved off tank from the original Vancouver Titans. His announcement of joining the Washington Justice brought many reactions of Joy. From his time in Runaway, Vancouver Titans, and now Washington Justice he has amassed many fans. It would be nice for fans to see a Runaway early generation player with Runaway newer generation of Yaki.

Atlantic South

The Atlanta South weakness is the support line up. Dogman and Aimgod in their own rights are amazing supports, but with Aimgod, as of late, comm-ing with an all Korean roster the communication maybe be hard. If they can individually frag out this team has all the pieces to scare the other teams.

Did the Atlantic South fantasy team hit the mark or was way off? Explain in the comments who you would want to see in the Atlantic South All-Star roster. Look out for the Pacific East and West team list that will be coming out next week.

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