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Atlantic North All-Star Fantasy Team

If All-Stars would be an event this season, who would be on the teams? The Overwatch League has split itself into four distinct groupings, Atlantic South, Atlantic North, Pacific West and Pacific East. This is going to be focusing on just the All-Star roster for the Atlantic North Division in the Overwatch League.

The rules will be: each Overwatch League team cannot have more than two players in the All-Star Line up. There will a total of 10 players per Overwatch League team, 6 starters and 4 substitutes. The list below won’t differentiate between starters or substitutes, as honestly any of these players could start. It is, of course, noted that some of these teams are not in the same region right now, because of Covid-19. London and New York are both currently in the APAC region. But for the sake of organization this will be according to the Overwatch League pre-drawn up regional divisions.This is, of course, subjective and is not an all mighty and knowing list.

Atlantic North:

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Boston Uprising

  • Taehee ‘Jerry’ Min – DPS
    • Jerry is a beloved player on the Boston Uprising before he even stepped on stage. No doubt the fans would vote him in to see him play with some of the other pro players on other teams. He could really shine with other top tier players on a team showing his full potential as an Overwatch League player.
  • Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth – Tank
    • Fusions in the way he has shown his passionate reactions to winning and losing matches has found his way into the hearts of many fans. His shot calling and positive mental attitude could help a team that is a good mixture of Korean and English speaking players. His leadership skills would be essential to bringing this mixed group of payers together as a team.

London Spitfire

  • Sewon ‘Bernar’ Shin – Tank
    • Many of the London Spitfire coming into Season 3 were not that well known. Bernar has been putting up performances that has helped the team topple some of the big names in the Overwatch League like NYXL. His tank play would be interesting to see next to Fusions in their aggressive play style.
  • Gilseong ‘Glister’ Lim – DPS
    • Glister was one of the most hyped up players coming into Season 3. His performance on Gen.G previously had caught the attention of many. The concept of seeing him play next to legends on other teams could highlight just how good he can be in the coming seasons of the Overwatch League.


  • Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe [SBB]’ Park -DPS
    • How can one pick only two NYXL players to get on the All-Star roster when almost every member is deserving. There is a world where Haksal or Libero or Hotba gets in easily. Saebyeolbe, the captain and ‘best Tracer in the world’ has carried the married man meta to new heights. Not only is he a fan favorite across the league, but a veteran of the All-Star matches. Maybe the community would even get a glimpse of his off-tank abilities in a division that is so saturated with All-Star DPS talent.
  • Seonghyun ‘Jjonak’ Bang – Support
    • How could the Season 1 MVP not get into the All-Star game? These matches are never as serious as a regular season matches, so maybe he would pull out his DPS to display in game. Jjonak always brings his big personality to the stage, and would no doubt bring the trash talk with in as well.

Paris Eternal

  • Terence ‘Soon’ Tarlier -DPS
    • Paris Eternal has so many up and coming talents in the form of Kihyo ‘Xzi’ Jung and Yeonghan ‘Sp9rk1e’ Kim. Nothing can match the fans’ love for the original Frenchman, Soon. His calm energy would help counterbalance the more frantic personalities of the NYXL boys. There has to be a French representation on the All-Star team as that region has helped grow Overwatch so much.
  • Brice ‘FDGod’ Monsçavoir – Support
    • What is All-Star without some boop-tastic moments, that FDGod is sure to provide. FDGod provides a consistent support presence in a roster that has two flex supports itching to flex with DPS muscles. He would definitely put on a show, and maybe even break more records in environmental kills!

Toronto Defiant

  • Youngseo ‘Kariv’ Park -Support
    • When Kariv decides he is going to win, he does it, or at least he drags his team with him until the weight is too much. A Kariv and Jjonak support duo sounds absolutely wonderfully terrifying. A Soon and Kariv reunion would also excite the fans, and bring the community back to a Season 1 LA Valiant.
  • Lane ‘Sourfour’ Roberts – DPS
    • Surefour is the master of all DPS. His flexibility as well as sass would be an entertaining factor to the game. Being around since the open beta, has netted him many fans who would no doubt vote him into the Season 3 All-Star match. He might even force the team to do the old C9 protect the president strategy on a payload map.

Atlantic North:

The Atlanta North’s weakness would be in the Tanks. They have an over abundance of wealth when it comes to DPS, but Fusions and Bernar may be the weakness that the other team could use to crack the team. If fans voted for Donggyu ‘Mano’ Kim instead of Jjonak or SBB that could strengthen the frontline to be a potential powerhouse.

Think that different players should be in the All-Star slots for a team, go off in the comments to see if others agree or disagree. Look out for the Pacific East and West team list that will be coming out next week.

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