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Asia May Melee Tournament Brackets

After the English Overwatch stream ends there is a whole other world in the Korean and Chinese Stream. Not only does the Korean and Chinese stream get APAC interviews, but they discussed the brackets. The Chinese Bilibili stream was real-time, as the Korean stream was on a delay, and the English stream had gone offline.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Charge secured the first position and did not have to pick a team. They still talked to the coach of the Guangzhou Charge.

The Shanghai Dragons were next with Coach Moon coming in to talk to the desk. Lip also joined the coach for the interview. They started in congratulating the team for securing their position. They discussed the future and the condition of the players. The Dragons decided to play against the London Spitfire during the first round!

May Melee
Courtesy of Blizzard Korea

Headcoach Ray and Yveltal was the representative for the Chengdu Hunters while it was just Hocury Seoul Dynasty’s General manager to represent the team.

London Agape and Kyumin ‘Sanguinar’ Lin then came on to talk about being picked by the Dragons. As they are friends they joked around about the Dragons going to regret picking them.

Headcoach IMT came on for NYXL and he picked the Chengdu Hunters to face in the May Melee.

That meant that the Hangzhou Spark would automatically be put against the Seoul Dynasty. The head coach Mask and Qiulin ‘guxue’ Xu came to talk about their thoughts on the match. The Seoul Dynasty General Manager came on last to talk about the matchup. They also chatted about past matches briefly.

This is how the Brackets for the Asian region has shaped up for the May Melee next week!

Courtesy of Bilibili Overwatch Stream

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