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APAC Summer Showdown Tournament Brackets

After the Sunday matches in the APAC region the Korean and Chinese watchpoint shows did the brackets picks for the Summer Showdown tournament. Again, like the May Melee, the broadcasts brought the coaches and players on the screen to chat as well as a little trash talk. This is how next weeks’ match ups are going to look like.


Summer Showdown APAC

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

With the Sunday matches the middle of the pack increased. It is clear that the Shanghai Dragons and the Guangzhou Charge are at the top of the board being undefeated. The Chengdu Hunters and Spark are at the bottom both winless during the Summer Showdown. Shanghai will have a bye into the next round being the number one spot on the APAC region.

Coach Moon and Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim were the first to appear on screen where the Chinese desk congratulated the team for being #1. They chatted a bit about the tournament and what was to come in the next week. London was teasingly brought into the conversation, as the two coaches are good friends.

The Chinese desk quickly discussed the picks of the top teams between the Spark, the Hunters, and the Dynasty. The DPS of Minho ‘Architect’ Park as well as Jungwoo ‘Happy’ Lee were brought into the conversation.

Summer Showdown APAC Bracket Picks

The Guangzhou Charge

The Guangzhou Charge being the second ranked team got to pick their opponent first. Coach Jin and Eileen represented the team on stream. When they were asked if they were confident, they responded that they have to be. The Charge teased their pick by playing around with the team cards, but ultimately picked the Chengdu Hunters. The Assistant Coach Garry and Yi ‘Jinmu’ Hu came on and said that they will prepare hard so that their fans will not be disappointed.

Courtesy of Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment


It was the NYXL who came in next to pick their opponent. Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park and head coach IMT appeared on stream in a good mood. The NYXL thought that both tams that are left are very strong, and gave their general thoughts on both. They picked the Hangzhou spark to go against. The team wanted to have vengeance for their past match. When the Spark came on head coach Mask and Architect came on. Mask said that he thought they were picked because they seemed weak. They will practice with the goal of winning in their minds. When asked the biggest threats in their mind, and the Spark named Sunghyeon ‘Jjonak’ Bang and Saebyeolbe’s Tracer. (If they mentioned a tank it was not heard).

Courtesy of Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire

That means the last pairing was the London Spitfire and the Seoul Dynasty. Though London didn’t get a choice, Agape and Gilseong ‘Glister’ Lim came in to talk, but their mic was not working. They were asked if the team happy was with the tournament qualifiers in these past three weeks. London are satisfied with their results these past 3 weeks and want to have a better performance than the May Melee. They chatted about their thoughts about being matched up with the Seoul Dynasty and ultimately the team wants to show their abilities are as good as the Seoul Dynasty’s.

Changgoon was the last to appear for the Seoul Dynasty. The Dynasty views London as a strong team full of good rookie players. The Desk brought up the May Melee and how the Seoul Dynasty was a dark horse, to which it was responded that it was burdensome. It was asked why they didn’t think the other teams has picked them to be their opponents. The answer was scrabbled because of the microphone as well as the author’s inability in Korean. In short the head coach used a comparison with food that the last thing that is eaten alongside good food and that is how Seoul Dynasty might be seen? (@gatamchun clarified on Twitter that it is Korean slang, which can be clarified here) In the end the the head coach thanked the fans and apologized.

Summer Showdown APAC Schedule

Note the times are not in EST/PDT. The completed scheduled is below. Tune it to watch the matches on July 4th. With all the teams so closely ranked it will be good matches, and full of possible upsets!

Courtesy Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment

*Apologies if any of the translations are off, the author’s Korean is not fluent. No mistranslation has any malicious intent.

For a better idea about the translations check out the video translations that @bonniequeue and @gatamchun put together.

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