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APAC Playoff Brackets

When the Friday APAC match of the London Spitfire and Chengdu ended, the Chinese and Korean stream showed the bracket pick for the rest of the APAC playoffs. It was all up to the NYXL to pick either the fifth seeded Seoul Dynasty or the the Chengdu Hunters. The team that the NYXL do not pick will play the Hangzhou Spark.

APAC Playoffs
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Decision

All three head coaches were present at the picking. The NYXL head coach IMT picked the Chengdu Hunters as their opponents. That means the Seoul Dynasty will be facing the Hangzhou Spark as their first playoff match.

Courtesy of Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment

The broadcast talked to the NYXL and the Hunters. Both head coaches talked about the rough season and that they hoped to have a good showing in the playoffs. NYXL were confident in being able to find and exploit the Hunter’s weaknesses. Then the broadcast went to chat with the Seoul Dynasty and the Hangzhou Spark. They talked about how each team felt about being matched up with each other. The Spark said they were a little nervous but they will do their best. Seoul’s head coach said that they had a rough season and will try their best, but no matter the result he hopes they can meet up for a drink afterward.

Courtesy of Bilibili and Blizzard Entertainment

The APAC playoff matches up will be played September 5 at 2am PST, 4am CST, 5am EST with the NYXL vs the Chengdu Hunters first, followed up by the Hangzhou Spark vs Seoul Dynasty.

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