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APAC Countdown Cup Brackets

At the end of the Saturday APAC broadcast the Countdown Cup Brackets were picked by the higher seeded teams. The #2 seed is the Chengdu Hunters which is a huge turn around from previous month tournaments, and the Dragons taking back their mantle of #1 in the region. On the other end of the spectrum the Seoul Dynasty is at the bottom of the leader board. After the NA stream ended, the Chinese and Korean broadcast went into bracket picks.

APAC Countdown Cup Brackets

Bracket Picks

Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons get a bye for the first round. This is the second time that they have been in this position and the desk congratulated Coach Moon. The Dragons prepared for the tournament by strengthening their mental. It was a quick interview in which they just acknowledged that the Dragons were #1, but they have a bye to the next round.

Chengdu Hunters vs London Spitfire

The Chengdu Hunters were put in position they have never been in before. They were able to pick their own opponents. Co-headcoach Chen and Chengzhi ‘Molly’ He was there to represent the team. They got straight to the point and decided on the London Spitfire to be their opponent. This portion was mostly in Chinese, but there was a significant amount of time in which the desk chatted with the Hunters. Then it was time for London’s head coach Agape to come on. He said that they would try and prepare for the match. They plan on making improvements and return to their basics. They are confident in their defense.

Hangzhou Spark vs Seoul Dynasty

Next who came on was the Hangzhou Spark. They picked the Seoul Dynasty. Head Coach Pajion and Godsb was there to represent the team. The reason they picked the Dynasty was because they are on a losing stream. Kyeongbo ‘Godsb’ Kim picked Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park as a dangerous player as he can achieve great things on Tracer.

Afterwards Changgoon came on. They asked about Profit being put onto the tank position. Profit is a strong Zarya and was able to be used this way. When asked what the biggest threat that the Spark possessing, he replied that it was the DPS. This especially goes to Minho ‘Architect’ Park on Genji who is dangerous on the hero. Changgoon acknowledged that their current record is not satisfactory. He said that they would learn from their mistakes and thanked fans.

NYXL vs Guangzhou Charge

That meant the last teams are the Guangzhou Charge and the NYXL facing up against each other. The head coach Jin said that they don’t care who they face  as it shouldn’t matter if they prepare well for the match. He acknowledged that Haksal has been playing very well and needs to be prepared for.

Headcoach IMT and Sunghyeon ‘Jjonak’ Bang They thought it was that the other teams viewed them as strong and that is why they were not picked right away by the other teams. they want to have better preparation and effort but they have excellent players and will preparing according to their heroes that they play.

*apologies if any of the translations are wrong, Korean is not the author’s first language. For more solid translations watch the video clip that was translated by @bonniequeue and @gatamchun

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