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An Ode to the Blizzard Arena: Remembering the Best Moments From OWL’s Time in Burbank

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This upcoming weekend isn’t just another week in the 2019 OWL playoffs. It’s much more than that. It’s the end of an era and the departing from a place that has meant so much to the OWL family. Yes, that’s right, this weekend is likely the final weekend that the OWL will ever be played in the Blizzard Arena.

The reality of OWL going home in 2020 is that it also means the OWL has to leave it’s 2018 and 2019 home. But, rather than mourning over what is ending, it seems more prudent to look back and celebrate the best of what was.

So, in an ode to a building that brought together the first-ever city-based esports franchise league, here are some of the best moments from the Blizzard Arena: The Birthplace of the OWL.

Plays for Days

The Introduction of Pine

The Great Jebait

“Winnable!” – Carpe

Dafran’s Grav for Twitch Prime

Wacky Walkouts

Mayhem Knew all Along: OWL is an Anime

Taimou Gets The Greatest Res of All Time

Gritty in the House

Celebrities in the House

LeVar and Mica Burton Share the Stage

Josh Hutcherson is RUTHLESS

Channing Frye Reveals the Truth About Mr. X

Beast Mode has Arrived

Joel McHale: The 2nd Greatest Gladiator Fan

The Goofiest Desk in Esports

Puckett’s Mom is Still Proud

Seagull x Seagull

Every Dog has its Day (to get a Haircut)

Making the Best of the Great Pause

Laughing and Crying Together

Profit Sends his Regards

Kneel Before the Yottachad, feeble Brenji

Chairs Gone Wild feat. NYXL

Going GOATS… Literally

Shanghai Breaks the Curse

Ryujehong: A Legend Forever

Please remember that there are countless moments to sort through in the past two seasons of the OWL. If there are any moments that we missed, drop them in the comments or tag the author of this article on Twitter. We want this to be a place where everyone can come to share their favorite moments, and we want to make sure yours are included!
Thank you, Blizzard Arena, from all of us here at The Game Haus. You’ve given our league a great home and we will forever cherish the memories made here!

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