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American Dad Parody Episode Features Overwatch

American Dad, like many shows, thrives on parodying what is happening in the world. This is what allows them to stay relevant and continue to make episodes for as long as they have. In this episode, Stan Smith, the main character, is assigned a task having to do with Overwatch and more specifically the Overwatch World Cup. See the video below.

As Stan is an FBI agent he is being tasked to assassinate a leader of North Korea who only leaves his country to attend Overwatch World Cup matches. This hilarious concept is set in a Hong Kong arena where esports is spelled incorrectly as E-Sports. Stan apparently has to go as a fan and find the leader during the games. As he and his FBI crew know nothing about esports or video games, Stan recruits his son Steve to help teach them enough to get into the event without drawing attention to themselves. Although, if anyone has watched American Dad, they know that it will go horribly wrong as not only are they American, likely giving them away, but there is a scene of them dabbing their way into the arena. Without a doubt, it is interesting to see how Overwatch fans are reacting to this one.

The internet has been talking about it as well. With some showing support, others making jokes and many intrigued to see how they handle it overall. Here is a look at some of the responses.

This is not the first show of its kind to do an esports type parody. The Simpsons did a League of Legends episode last year that was met with good and bad responses, similar to how this American Dad episode will likely go. Unlike the upcoming American Dad episode, the Simpsons more focused on the esports side and Bart’s grind to try to go pro. American Dad will be using Overwatch and the Overwatch World Cup as more of a prop or set piece, in order to create a story of Stan and Steve bonding over this experience. Either way, this comes at a time when Overwatch is nearing the end of its first iteration and preparing for Overwatch 2. Because of that, even IGN is giving it some love, re-reviewing the game before it theoretically ends its four-year run as the main Overwatch game. They gave it a 10 still and revere it as a Masterpiece.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the episode when it airs presumably next week and make sure to get that clout by getting an opinion out into the Twitterverse quickly. Until then, keep it here at The Game Haus for all Overwatch and Overwatch League news.

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