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All of the Details That Make the LEGO Brick Bastion Skin one of the Best so far

LEGO Bastion

Ever since it’s release as a part of the Bastion’s Brick Challenge event, fans have been quick to pick up on the smallest of details that went into making Bastion’s latest legendary skin. Even though his bright, and maybe somewhat obnoxious, primary colors are easiest to see, the things that make this skin one of the best so far are in the details.

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The Muzzle Flash

This one was actually first noticed today by Reddit user u/VaughnFry. Apparently, when Bastion’s Brick skin is equipped, even the visual effect of the muzzle flash is modeled after a LEGO piece.

Even LEGO Brick Bastion’s muzzle flash is LEGO from r/Overwatch

The Sound Effects

Additionally, when using the skin every sound that the lovable robot makes is a LEGO sound. If you are like the author and this article and aren’t exactly sure what that means, let this video hopefully demonstrate that, courtesy of Reddit user u/bmrtt.

Lego Bastion skin makes lego sounds with every animation from r/Overwatch

Completely LEGO

A video by Reddit user u/dotEXEdotCOM shows that even Bastion’s bullets are tiny LEGO pieces, truly emphasizing how deadly those things can be when stepped on. In addition to this, several have remarked that every aspect of the skin is modeled after real-life LEGO pieces.

lego Bastion shoots small lego pieces from r/Overwatch

All in all, this is one of the most detailed skins that has entered the game, partially because people are able to appreciate it’s full detail due to their knowledge of LEGO. If every other skin has had this much detail put into it, there’s no telling what other small nuances people may have missed.

To check out this amazing new skin, make sure to download the latest patch notes update and start working towards getting those coveted nine wins!



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