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After Being Released, Nus may be taking a break from Competitive Overwatch


With the second season of Overwatch League finished and in the books, teams have begun to make offseason moves and trades, with the most notable so far being the London Spitfire releasing four players from their roster. Coach Jeongmin “Jfeel” Kim, along with the three players Jihyeok “birdring” Kim, Heedong “Kim” Lee, and Jongseok “Nus” Kim.

While Jfeel has put out his qualifications on Twitter and the players have remained relatively silent on the platform, a screenshot of a message from Nus on discord was posted to Twitter.

Translated, it simply states that Nus is most likely going to be taking a break, implying that he may be taking a break from Overwatch League competition.

For fans who have may not have known about Nus, he has been notable for not only his performance on the London Spitfire, but also his incredible play when he was on Meta Athena, a team that featured many players that eventually became Overwatch League players. A crucial part of the team, Nus seemed destined to be a part of the league, with his Mercy and Lucio play being his most notable assets.  

2018-03-22 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Nus is not the only player that has had to take a break or overall leave the Overwatch League. Former Dallas Fuel superstar Hyeon “EFFECT” Hwang left the league, citing mental fatigue and frustration, eventually retiring completely. Another player that left the league, Brandon “Seagull” Larned, wanted to stream more, and decided that Overwatch League was just not where he wanted his future to be.

Whether he returns or not, Nus was a great player for the London Spitfire and even greater player off the stage. Not only did he play on the Inaugural Season championship team, but he helped the league, along with his teammates, to put on the greatest show of Overwatch for the last two years. Nus will be sorely missed, and we can only hope to see him play again.

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