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A Legend’s Return to the Overwatch League LFT Pool


He can’t stay away. Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu posted an announcement on Twitter that he is ready to look for a new team. This isn’t unexpected as he said on stream at the end of Season 3 that he wanted to come back. After the debacle that happened with the Vancouver Titans, many fans were scared that Ryujehong would move onto a new esport title. This was especially true when Injae ‘EscA’ Kim will be getting out of his military service in less than a year. Everyone knows that Ryujehong’s long term goal is to be on a team with EscA again no matter the esport title. The community let out a sigh of relief when they saw the LFT post.

Keeping Busy

It seems the break and rest is over and he is ready to get back to business. It is not like during this break he hasn’t been involved with Overwatch. He has been doing interviews for the Korean Overwatch League YouTube channel and could look at other esports sites. His participation in the All-Star Korean broadcast team caused quite a stir, as well as being a part of multiple Korean Overwatch League tournaments for streamers.


Ryujehong can be quite meme-y online. But when he comes out with a serious post it is amazing to see how many Overwatch League pros react. Just a few days ago Jenghan ‘Ameng’ Ding sent a message to Ryujehong saying he missed him. His stretch in the League is not just the Korean Overwatch League Players. Charlie ‘Nero’ Zwarg also commented telling Ryujehong to join his team, showing that his reach spans to NA payers. This positive reaction gives hopes to fans that he can easily find a team for next Season.

Ryujehong’s Return

His consistent streaming of Overwatch on Twitch reassured Fans that he would return in Season 4. But seeing the LFT message sealed the deal that the Ana God is coming back next season. Surely many teams and fans of different teams would love to see Ryujehong join.

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