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A New Ashe Skin has Been Leaked for the New Overwatch Mardi Gras Event

new ashe skin overwatch

Yet another leak has been released concerning Overwatch’s next seasonal event, this time revealing details about the event and a new skin to be released. According to a tweet from popular streamer @Metro_OW, the new Overwatch Mardi Gras event will feature a new skin for Ashe and will only run for one week. The image he posted, found on a private YouTube video, can be seen below.

[2/25 Update: The event is now live featuring Twitch drops and the leaked Ashe skin]

ashe mardi gras skin

Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge

If this leaked image is confirmed to be the real deal, it appears that the event will be a single weekly challenge taking place from February 25 to March 9. Players would likely have to win nine games in that duration to unlock the new Ashe Mardi Gras skin which, at this point, does not officially have a name.

It also appears that watching streams of Overwatch will be a way to earn drops. This would coincide with previous leaks about this event which included Twitch drop rewards. All in all, it’s looking more and more like the next Overwatch seasonal event will celebrate Mardi Gras. But, what does this mean for Overwatch’s next new hero? That much, at least, is still unknown.

Stay tuned for more when the event is officially announced here, at The Game Haus.

ashe's mardi gras challenge


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