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A Comprehensive History of Overwatch Metas Part 15: GOATs

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Part 15: The Rise of GOATs

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This series hasn’t talked about specific teams for a while. Most of the aforementioned meta trends have come from a large variety of teams, not just one. Tier Three and below teams have been shown to run their own things from time to time, but these fads usually die out after a few weeks.

This was about to change. One team created a composition that rocked the world of competitive Overwatch and gave people flashbacks to the quad tank of old.

The team GOATs was a combination of several controversial but proven Overwatch players. They had had moderate success running with the standard meta trends, but things really took off once they started experimenting. GOATs went wildly against the grain in tournament, suddenly pulling out a composition consisting of Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Lucio, Brigitte and Moira. GOATs then proceeded to steamroll the entire tournament in a stunning upset as teams struggled to counter the fast-paced bowling ball composition.

3/3 Catches On

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

It had been well over a year since a composition invented by just one team had caught on like GOATs did. In no time everyone was running the newfangled composition. It matched up pretty well against…well, everything. Dive couldn’t do enough damage to get past the absurd amount of healing, and Brigitte was always there just in case. Bunker comps couldn’t get past all the tanks, and GOATs could just walk right up to their position and begin pounding away, or just straight up ignore it.

The composition was a immediate revert to the old speedy Overwatch days of old. The composition resembled the quadruple tank lineups of old, but Brigitte filled in as the last “tank.” Two of the best peelers in the game, namely D.Va and Brigitte, were on this team style, which let the healers of Lucio and Moira run wild. Reinhardt and Zarya rounded out the composition. Reinhardt supplied the main barrier, while Zarya provided the main source of damage output as well as extra protection for the backline.

This composition caught on quickly. Virtually every team was running it. This led to experimentation within the composition, which led to more variants of this new, deadly composition.


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