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5 Characters Who Need Some 2021 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins

The holiday season is in full-swing, and that means the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is right around the corner. Players are ready to don their ugliest sweaters and queue into their favorite game – Mei Snowball Fight. While the game modes are fun, they aren’t the reason why players love the end of the year. Overwatch players open up the player to figure out which characters received brand new Winter Wonderland skins.

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There are several characters that have somehow found themselves of the “No-gift” list for a the past few years, and it is time they get their very own holiday skin. Last year there were six characters that didn’t receive anything from Winter Wonderland event, and that is just not in the spirit of the season. For 2021, here are the characters that have been extra-good this past year and will hopefully get a festive skin this time around.

2021 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

Baptiste, despite what many players believe, is an overall pretty good guy. He’s always making sure people are healthy. He always brings people together, and there is really isn’t he can’t do in the game of Overwatch. Why shouldn’t a helpful guy like Baptiste receive a Winter Wonderland skin? Admittedly he did receive one of the coolest skins in the game with the Funky outfit, but really he’s earned at least an Epic-challenge skin.


It seems almost impossible that D.Va does not have a skin for the Winter Wonderland event, and yet it’s true. D.Va, one of the most popular characters in the game between both casual and competitive players, does not have a skin for the Winter Wonderland event. Maybe the devs are simply too scared to create a brand new holiday-themed skin for the Meka pilot. Not sure why they would be scared though, the community will happily welcome any content for favorite characters at this point.

2021 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins
Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

For a character that spends the majority of their time in the air, it’s pretty surprising that Echo has yet to receive some sort of Winter-angel skin. Maybe it makes more sense for Echo to don on some sort of Sugar Plum Fairy cosmetic to celebrate the winter season. Echo has received some pretty incredible skins recently, so of all the characters on this list, Echo may be the one most likely not to receive anything new. However players can still hold out hope that their favorite duplicating DPS can get their hands on some new icy threads.


Much like D.Va, it is hard to believe Genji does not have a winter skin. Genji does already have a new model for Overwatch 2, and the developers could lean into that new model for a brand new Winter Wonderland skin. Genji’s sweatpants look perfectly encapsulates how players feel during the winter. They want to be comfy, cozy and a cybernetic ninja. Overall Genji should be high on the list of characters to receive a new skin. Players loved his previous Halloween skin, and now there’s a chance to grant players another spectacular cosmetic.

Wrecking Ball

Another year, another request for an ornament Wrecking Ball skin. It really is just an absolute slam dunk of an idea. The lowest of the low hanging fruit. Just meatball down the middle of the plate – and yet the player base still hasn’t seen it. Maybe this year is the year of a holiday hamster. If Overwatch players don’t get the ornament skin, maybe there is something else up the devs sleeves. Until the previews finally start to trickle in, players can only cross their fingers and hope for that Winter Wonderland skin.

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