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3 Tips to Drafting the Best Fantasy OWL Roster on DraftBuff

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DraftBuff, a new fantasy esports app, has quickly emerged as one of the more exciting fantasy esports prospects heading into 2020. The app offers fantasy leagues for a variety of different esports including the LCS, LEC, CDL and the Overwatch League (OWL). The app is currently available on both Android and iOS app stores and is free to play.

But, there’s more to playing any fantasy sport or esport than simply downloading the app and picking players at random. There’s strategy about when to take certain players, which players may emerge as sleeper picks and other general tips and tricks that can give players an edge in their fantasy league. So, in order to help players preparing to draft their fantasy OWL rosters in the coming weeks, here are three useful pieces of advice to consider while drafting.

1. Don’t go for too many players on the same team

One of the common mistakes players are sure to make in drafting fantasy OWL players is picking several players from their favorite/local OWL team. Be wary in doing so because of the OWL’s complicated travel schedule in 2020 where many teams will be off each week. For example, the Atlanta Reign don’t even have a match until Week 3, so if someone has multiple Reing players on their roster, they’ll be in a bind to start off the year.

Spreading out across multiple teams, and even multiple divisions, is a better strategy to ensure that there won’t be too many players out at one time. If you’re a commissioner in a league that may not keep track of the OWL that often and don’t want to mess with free agency, also just consider increasing the size of the bench on each fantasy roster. This can allow the folks in your league to hold onto certain players amidst traveling weeks, rather than having to be quite as active in free agency. Either way, something to consider.

2. Value players not in rotation

Another reality about the OWL’s rigorous travel itinerary in 2020 is that many players will be subbed out some weeks to rest. The Shock, for example, have five DPS players they can rotate in and out which means that drafting those players is a bigger risk due to their being rested. Instead, look for players that don’t have any other players signed to their position on the roster, like Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi at off-tank for the Shock.

Even if a player is on a worse team, but is playing each and every week, they may prove to be more valuable than a player that only sees the stage a handful of times throughout the year. Make sure to check into each team’s roster on Liquipedia or some other resource before drafting.

3. Beware of drafting tanks early

One of the big unknowns in 2020 is which tanks will be in the meta and how many points each tank will reasonably be able to score each week. For example, if the meta is Sigma and Orisa with the main tank typically playing Orisa, there is a chance each of those heroes could earn around the same amount of fantasy points. This is due to each one’s ability to get eliminations and rack up the damage over the course of a match. With main tanks typically being ranked lower due to previous season’s indicators, this is something to keep an eye on as the season starts up.

The same can be applied to DPS and supports, although to a lesser degree than tanks. Overall, to avoid any overwhelming bias towards one specific position, it’s best to just pay attention to each pro’s hero pool and do your best to figure out which heroes earn the most fantasy points early on.

Remember, free agency exists for a reason

The draft is not the end all be all of a player’s fantasy roster, with free agency likely playing a huge part in shaping how rosters develop and shape over the course of the year. These tips are more so intended to help players start off on the best foot in their leagues, having as little overhauling to do as possible.

Be sure to download the app using referral code TGH5 and start joining some leagues. As a reminder, the OWL season starts February 8, so make sure to have league’s filled and drafts completed by that time. Happy drafting!


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