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3 Potential Landing Spots for Daniel “GODS” Graeser

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It was confirmed today that the Toronto Defiant would not be re-signing their offtank player, Daniel “GODS” Graeser back for the 2020 season. GODS is a player with a long history in Overwatch, despite having a very short tenure in the OWL leading up to this point. With his wealth of experience, marketability, and solid performance as an offtank, there are several teams that could entertain offers for GODS this offseason. Here are three of the top possibilities.

1. Boston Uprising

Boston tops the list for eligible landing spots for GODS in part due to the shaky performance of Richard “rCk” Kanerva this past season, who is currently not confirmed to be back with the Uprising next year due to his Team Option status. This likely means that the Uprising will be trialing offtanks in an attempt to lock down one or two for the 2020 season. If GODS can earn a spot on the team, perhaps even alongside rCk, Boston’s tankline could begin to look much improved moving into next season.

2. Washington Justice

The Justice have made their intentions clear to keep their Swedish tankline of Lukas “Lullsish” Wiklund and Elliot “Ellivote” Vaneryd. However, there’s no reason to believe they won’t seek to add some depth and experience to the lineup, especially with the travel of the 2020 season likely wearing on players more. Also, Washington, at least based on what few players remain, look to go in a more Western direction for 2020, which also bodes well for GODS.

But, above all of this, GODS will go to Washington so that the dynamic meme duo of Ethan “Stratus” Yankel and GODS can finally become a reality (if the Justice keep Stratus around, that is). The potential is simply too strong to deny.

3. Philadelphia Fusion

This last one is predicated on a few different things potentially falling into place for both parties. First, if Gael “Poko” Gouzerch were to truly make a move to the Paris Eternal for 2020, and the Fusion did not receive an offtank in the exchange, the Fusion would have an empty, GODS-sized, roster spot just waiting. This assumes a few different things, which may make it more unlikely to happen.

However, as is the case with Washington, the Justice could always slot GODS in as a backup to Poko in order to accommodate for the wear and tear of travel in 2020.

Even if GODS does not end up back in the OWL in 2020, it’s hard to imagine he’ll stay away from the game entirely. With his skill set, he could either choose to continue as a player on a Contenders roster, or even potentially make a move to the broadcast side of the league if the opportunity were to arise. With his personality and experience, just about any team could benefit from having GODS on their roster in 2020.


As a reminder, all of the current offseason changes will be continuously updated in TGH’s Complete List of Overwatch League Offseason Moves.


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