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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock vs. Washington Justice

Shock Win 4-0

Starting Lineup

Grant “Moth” Espe

Dong-jun “Rascal” Klim

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park


Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sanctum kicked off with both teams running a dive GOATs composition. The Shock took the point first. The Justice only recapped after the Shock got 76% thanks to some excellent usage of ultimates from the Shock. The Shock then retook the point relatively quickly, but the Justice barely capped back in OT. An incredibly scrappy last fight ended up going in the Shock’s favor and San Francisco took Sanctum

Standard GOATs was on the menu for both teams on Shrine. The Shock lost the fight thanks to a positional error, and the Justice tried to set up shop on the point. The Justice completely controlled this point, and the Shock were kept at bay for most of the map.

Village had both teams continue running standard GOATs. The Justice isolated Super and took the point first with an easy fight win. The Shock ended up flipping the point when the Justice had 56%. This didn’t last long as the Justice motored through and retook with ease. The Shock struck back, however, and took the point in OT. The Shock then took hold of the point, using their ultimates to perfection and even denying the Justice a potentially big graviton, giving them a big map win.

Shock Win 2-1


The Shock went with a traditional GOATs on Numbani attack. The Justice’s Winston oriented defense faltered against the Shock’s 3-3, and the Shock took point A and B with ease. A huge bomb for ChoiHyoBin allowed the Shock to secure point C with an amazing time of 4:52.

The Shock attempted the same Winston based GOATs defense that the Justice did. This didn’t work very well at all and the Justice took point A relatively easily. Numbani point B is often thought of as one of the easier points in Overwatch to take, but the Shock put together a good defense. The Justice eventually took the point, but it took a lot of time. Point C is much harder for an offense to push through than point B, and the Shock took the map despite a couple of very scrappy fights at the very end.

Shock Win 3-2

Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson in for ChoiHyoBin


The Shock went with GOATs on the attack. The incredibly scrappy fight that followed the initial attack ended in a quick cap for the Shock, and they rolled towards point B. The Shock absolutely steamrolled through Anubis, taking the map with a ridiculous time of 5:57.

San Francisco stayed with the GOATs comp on the defense. The Shock played the composition to absolute perfection, as they took advantage of every slight error that the Justice made on their attack. The Justice made it close at the end, but the Shock rolled back on and completed the full hold.

Shock Win 2-0

ChoiHyoBin in for Nevix

Route 66

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

More GOATs was showcased on both sides on Route 66. The Shock steamrolled through point A, as the Justice struggled to even contest the payload. It was more of the same for point B, as the Shock smashed through the Justice defense with ease. Point C can be difficult to take on Route 66, but the Shock made it look easy, and the Justice capped it all off with the C9.

GOATs dittos were displayed in all of their glory on the Shock’s defense. The Shock had a much better defensive showing than the Justice. The Shock held strong on defense, despite losing a couple of players early on in team fights. Only a slight positioning error from the Shock allowed the Justice to take point A in OT. The Shock went back to business on point B, barely letting the Justice push at all and even shoving the Justice all the way back to point A in a brutal spawn camp. The Justice ended up pushing forward, but the Shock regained their footing and halted the Justice for the win.

Shock Win 3-1

A Convincing Victory

Well, this was…a massacre. The Shock absolutely mopped the floor with the Justice after a relatively close Nepal game. The Justice have actually been giving some top tier teams some issues, so this is no small feat. This is what the Shock should always look like. Their aggressive play worked to perfection, with Super and Sinatraa showcasing amazing synergy. This was an excellent week for the Shock, and they should look to carry this momentum into the future.


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