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Overwatch 2 changes from Overwatch 1

With the release of the beta, the biggest Overwatch 2 changes is to effective team compositions. After all, they reduced number of heroes from 6 to 5. Because of the 2/2/2 lock that is still in place, this means that one role was reduced to one, the tank. This change to line up makes it so there is less safety to hide behind. There are many factors that play into Overwatch 2 to make the integration of 5v5 feel as smooth as the original Overwatch 1’s 6v6.

Here is a look at a few, but not all of the Overwatch 2 changes added onto the original.

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New Maps

The Overwatch 2 comes with many new components. The integration between multiple old and new maps is key to the success of matches. In Overwatch 1, the community can vividly remember some maps, such as Paris and Lunar Colony, that would have people leave the match just so they wouldn’t have to play on that map. Overwatch 2 took away the 2CP maps so maps like Hanamura, Anubis, Volskaya, Paris, and Lunar Colony are out of the map pool.  In Overwatch 2 there is an addition of the game mode of Push that comes with two brand new maps of New Queen Street and Colosseo. There was also an addition of new maps of old game modes such as Midtown and Circuit Royal.


Developers even revamped the old maps a little, giving them a fresh feeling. Though the basic architecture is familiar, the player needs to adjust the playstyle as there aren’t two tanks. But the previous knowledge allows for players to utilize the architecture more. It isn’t about hiding behind shields as much, but being able to use everything available to the players to reduce damage and stay safe. The use of the map architecture is going to be important. Anything that is going to be able to help block some damage or give an edge will be helpful. This cuts the feeling of being lost without a second main tank as the new and old maps are able to be used in conjunction with the passives.

Overwatch 2 Changes: Passives

The Overwatch 2 has built-in new passive for the different roles that the heroes fall into. This greatly bridges the feeling within the game of not having a second tank.


The tanks have the passive of a reduction in being knocked back so that they are able to stand their ground as the solo tank on the team. They will also not give over as much ult charge when damage is done to them. Therefore they don’t need to spread or hide as much behind shields defensively as they won’t be increasing the opponents’ ults as fast.


The increased passive movement speed does help counter this by not only allow for more movement to dodge, but also to recontest. With one less tank the squishier heroes need to be the bodies that are thrown at the objective. The movement increase means that players are able to go from hiding in corners to going on the offensive or defensive. The DPS movement speed makes it so combined with a Lucio the lower HP heroes are able to get in and out faster. This not only is able to increase the speed but allows for multiple recontests that in the past might have just been a D.Va flying in to touch. This change makes it so the loss of the tank can be compensated by being able to get in and out faster without the need to slow push being a tank.


The supports have gained the passive of automatic healing after taking no damage for a period of time. This means that they have more survivability. When it was in Overwatch 1, the off-tank would sometimes act as a bodyguard to protect the supports from DPS. With this addition, the supports are able to heal without using an ability and even fight back against an opponent. This means that though they are losing another body to farm their ultimate off of, there is sustainability for supports to survive without that sixth player in the tank position.


It’s no surprise that Blizzard reworked a ton of heroes. And with only 5 players on each side, each rework definitely largely impacts the gameplay experience. For example, Bastion’s ultimate’s pure devastation easily surprises the unsuspecting and unskilled. As a whole, Blizzard definitely made some amazing changes. Orisa feels quite cool, with a mix of melee and CC now built in the kit. Bastion feels more flexible than ever, and Reinhart’s access to two projectile attacks grants him more versatility. But these reworks are not perfect.

The support role received very little changes. In a new sequel, to have the support role play almost exactly the same feels a little bad. Granted, as emphasized before, this is a beta. Therefore, the developers are likely to implement more changes as time passes on, including support reworks.

Since there are two supports on each team, Blizzard likely is handling the role with extreme care. Altering and reworking the support role can easily break the game, especially now that the healers play an even larger portion in the game.

One Tank Meta

The loss of a tank is a huge change for the player base, but the Overwatch 2 team has put a lot of thought into making the feel of the gameplay, not a deduction of what the player base is used to. In combination with the maps and new passives, the loss of the second tank is off-put to make the player feel more self-reliant. This strengthens the overall team and enjoyability for the players who are in the perspective roles in Overwatch 2.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind, there are a ton more Overwatch 2 changes outside of the ones mentioned here. This overview provides analysis than anything, rather than listing everything out. And also, Overwatch 2 is still very much in beta. Just because some things weren’t changed, doesn’t mean they won’t received alterations in the future. There may be bugs, and not all visuals are final. Screenshots reflect the state of the game at the time of playing and changes may be made after the publication of the article. Treat the article as an analysis of the beta, not the final game.

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