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Overwatch 2 Announcement Video Teases Kanezaka Fox Hero

Kanezaka Fox Hero

On June 12, the world was given the biggest update for Overwatch 2 to date. During the Xbox Live portion of Summer Games Fest Blizzard Entertainment announced the new release date for Overwatch 2. The announcement was accompanied by a short video that revealed some major changes to Overwatch as a whole. Overwatch will be free to play and the October release will also feature a confirmed brand new hero. Though fans who watched closely would have seen a teaser for the next potential hero after Junker Queen. Here is a look at the Kanezaka Fox Hero.

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In just a short snippet, the Overwatch 2 announcement revealed plenty of hints for a new hero. At the start of the scene viewers witness a ghostly fox prancing across the screen. A slow pan out shows the deathmatch map Kanezaka, a map tied to a short story about a vigilante that lived below the Hanamura castle. Quickly after, the fox leaves behind a trail of ghost footprints that guides four other characters through the arches. Suddenly everyone is off screen and the trailer progresses.

The first thing that sticks out to players is that iconic fox. Because of the Kanezaka story that debuted quick some time ago, people were already acquainted with a potential fox-based hero. With only four heroes in the scene, it adds more weight to the idea that there is a new character in the works.

Audiences are starting to believe that this Kanezaka fox hero is actually the newest support. The fox appears to be leading the group and applying a speed boost to those who follow. This could mean that there is finally a support that is not solely about healing. For the time being this is the only ability people can speculate around. Until we see more from the Overwatch team, players can only guess as to what this Kanezaka fox hero can do.

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