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Orisa Rework Abilities Revealed

Orisa Rework Abilities

With the Overwatch 2 Beta only a week away, the Overwatch team has slowly unveiled new characters for the upcoming game. Last week players watched a Q&A session on Sojourn, followed by a short Developer Update that highlighted her abilites and play style. Out of the blue, players received another update to one of the games most problematic characters. Shortly after the reveal of Doomfist’s rework on Wednesday April 20, the Overwatch Twitter account unveiled the new Orisa Overwatch 2 rework. Orisa in her current state has always been tricky to balance, and now the Overwatch devs have a chance to right their past wrongs with Orisa 2.0. Here is a look at the Orisa Rework Abilities.

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Orisa’s Overwatch 2 kit is aiming to completely revamp the bunker-style tank. No longer will she stay behind a shield and fire away, Orisa will need to step up and hold the front line.

Augmented Fusion Driver

  • Now rapidly fires large projectiles
  • Projectiles start large and shrink down
  • Uses a heat mechanic instead of ammo

Energy Javelin

  • Launch a javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. More effective if the enemy hits a wall

Javelin Spin

  • Spin the javelin to destroy projectiles, push enemies and increase forward speed


  • Now also gains 125 temporary health
  • Now also slowed by 20% while active
  • Reduces heat generated from firing by 50% while active

New Ultimate: Terra Surge

  • Sweep in enemies and anchor down, gaining the effects of Fortify and charging up a surge of damage
  • Use Primary Fire to unleash the surge early.

Orisa is trading in her shield for a fancy new javelin. Players are sure to enjoy the more proactive version of Orisa in Overwatch 2. At least, throwing a giant spear at enemies is sure to create some laughs during the game.

Players can try out the brand new Orisa Rework Abilities on April 26 when the Overwatch 2 Beta is live.

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