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Overwatch 2

New Overwatch 2 Scoreboard Appears to Remove Medal System

Overwatch 2 Scoreboard

Everyone is diving into the Overwatch 2 beta and trying out all the new toys that come along with a new game. For Overwatch 2, the developers made changes to pretty much everything in order to make the game even better than its predecessor. One of the surprising changes players saw during the Overwatch 2 beta was the adjusted in-game scoreboard.

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Previously the Overwatch scoreboard didn’t reveal that much information. It displayed how just one person was doing in terms of performance. As well as noting which characters on a player’s team had ultimates. To track a player’s performance, Overwatch had a “Medal System” that would reward players by giving them one of three medals depending on where they stood in terms of their teammates. It was an interesting concept that quickly led to players yelling at each other about who had gold medals or not.

Thankfully in Overwatch 2 that all changed. The Overwatch 2 beta revealed that the new scoreboard is revamped for more team transparency. The new scoreboard now displays everyone’s stats throughout the game. Players can see how they are doing in relation to their teammates without having to ask them explicitly.

Overwatch 2 Scoreboard

The scoreboard itself looks great. Even though the game is just in beta and all the visuals are not final, the barebones of the scoreboard still look better than the older version. Being able to see how each character is playing allows teammates to properly diagnose what is going wrong in a losing game, and what is working in a winning scenario. The Overwatch league could also benefit, because it could highlight which players are truly standing out.

Note: Overwatch 2 is a “true beta” and not a demo or vertical slice. There may be bugs and not all visuals are final. Treat the article as an analysis of the beta, not the final game.

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