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Zdeno Chara Moves On From the Bruins

Chara is Now a Part of the Washington Capitals

A new hockey season begins in two weeks. There have been many changes to the NHL season. In addition to those changes include an abundance of roster moves by many respective NHL teams.

One roster move, however, could be especially interesting. Long-time Boston Bruins’ defenseman Zdeno Chara decided it was time to move on from the team.

Chara recently announced that he would leave the Bruins, a team he spent 14 season with. He signed a one-year contract with the Washington Capitals.

Chara’s Successful Career

The Washington Capitals have a well experienced hockey player on their roster. Chara has had a long, but good career behind him, beginning in 1997. It was from 1997-2001 where Chara spent four years playing with his very first team, the New York Islanders. Soon after his stint ended there, he moved on to play for the Ottawa Senators for five years.

During this time period is when Chara reached high peaks in his early career. During his time with the Senators, he registered a career high in goals and points. Despite playing only five seasons with the Canadian hockey team, Chara made the most of his time there. He had proven to the NHL he had what it took to be an elite NHL star and to be successful.

In 2006, Chara became a member of the Boston Bruins after inking a five-year deal with the team. His contract was worth $37.5 million.

While playing for the Bruins, Chara broke all-time records in goals and points. But what contributed to his success included helping the Bruins win the Stanley Cup during the 2010-11 season. This was the first Stanley Cup the team had won in almost 40 years.

The Qualities Chara Brings to the Table

Throughout Chara’s long career, he has made many significant contributions to each team he has played for. He has many qualities that the Caps can use to help improve their overall roster as a whole.

For example, Chara is known to have a very powerful and hard slapshot–notably one of the strongest in the entire NHL. He has proven this during many of the All-Star Games he has played in over the course of his career.

The 43-year old Slovakian native brings aggressive play in his hockey style, as well. Because of his hard slapshots, Chara is known to be a valuable asset on powerplays. He is also known as a key player for the Bruins. With this in mind, he is sure to be play a vital role for the Caps this season. His style of play helps Chara bring high-quality hockey performance every game he plays.

The qualities and play performance that Chara brings to the table is just what any hockey team will be looking for. In terms of having a good player who is able to put the puck in the back of the net when needed and perform well in defense, the Washington Capitals know they are benefitting their organization.

The Caps also have a player who is well-rounded in the game of hockey, with over 20-years of experience. They have a player who has helped his former team win a Stanley Cup and much more. With this in mind, the Caps know that they have a good player on their hands.

As for right now, it is unknown of what type of role the former long-time Bruins captain will play. There is no certainty whatsoever of what fans can expect to get out of Chara. But in the meantime, fans should continue to stay tuned for more information about what to see out of the 43-year old hockey veteran this season.


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