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Will The Boston Bruins Sign A Veteran Goaltender?

The Bruins’ offseason has already gotten off to a positive start. With the recent re-signing of Taylor Hall, the Bruins can no focus their efforts on other pressing issues. One of those issues being goaltenders. Even though the young Boston Bruins goalie, Jeremy Swayman, does have what it takes to be a starter, the Bruins would probably feel more comfortable with a good goalie tandem.

Boston Bruins goalie
Bruins goalie, Tuukka Rask defends the net. (Via

Re-Signing Tuukka Rask

Probably the easiest choice the Bruins have for signing a goaltender is Tuukka Rask. Having been with the team for well over a decade, Rask has made it clear that he wants to remain in Boston. The Bruins easily could sign Rask to a one or two year contract for relatively cheap for a goalie of Rask’s caliber. But, while Tuukka returning is likely, there is one major issue with bringing him back.

Rask had played through a hip injury during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Because of that injury, Rask underwent surgery in June that is expected to sideline him until 2022. The soon to be 35 year old goaltender still has a lot of hockey in him and the Bruins know that. But a surgery such as this does create a lot of questions. The major one being that can the Bruins afford to wait until Tuukka is healthy?

Boston Bruins Goalie
Petr Mrazek in goal for the Carolina Hurricanes. (Via Getty Images)

Other Veteran Goalies On The Market

For Boston there are other options for goalies on the market. The Bruins most likely would be looking for veteran goaltenders to help back up Jeremy Swayman. That veteran presence always can be a positive factor in young goaltenders.

Boston Bruins goalie, Jaroslav Halak is probably the first veteran the team would turn to. He has played in Boston for the past few years and has performed very well in a back up role to Tuukka Rask. Though re-sining Halak is not a guarantee, Halak easily could have a starting goalie role on a different NHL team. The Bruins may just have to look elsewhere if they want to bring in a veteran goaltender.

Petr Mrazek is another option that Boston could go for. The 29-year old goaltender has been solid during his most recent stint with the Carolina Hurricanes. Mrazek also has experience playing in goalie tandems, such as in 2018-2019 when he and Curtis McElhinney split time for the Hurricanes. Mrazek could easily fit into similar role in Boston.

A Tough Decision

No matter if the Bruins sign Tuukka Rask or not, the Bruins will most likely sign a veteran goalie. With Rask out at least until the start of 2022, the Bruins would still want a veteran backing up Swayman. Does Boston want to wait for Rask to get healthy though? While it presumably would be cheap to bring back Rask, would it even be worth it with him already confirmed to miss half the season?

Tuukka Rask has been one of the best goalies in Bruins history, but that does not earn him a free roster spot. His hip injury last season came at a very bad time and now his future in Boston is up in the air. But the Bruins clearly trust Rask. Even if the team has to wait half a season, the Bruins may want their starting goalie back.

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