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Updates for the Start of the 2020-21 NHL Season

The NHL has designed an American triple-header for opening night. The Lightning are confirmed to play on opening night for their banner game, along with a “big east clash” and a “late west matchup”. The rumored games are:

  • Lightning vs Blackhawks
  • Rangers vs Bruins
  • Blues vs Avalanche

The January 13 start date might be pushed back due to “internal pessimism” if a deal between the NHL and NHLPA isn’t reached this week.

  • The NHL still has a lot of unknowns for the season such as hub cities, fans, schedules, travel, and Canadian teams which may cause the start of the season to be delayed.

Disease expert Dr. Fauci believes the NHL should use hub cities this season. If NHL goes with hub cities, some potential hubs are Columbus, Newark, Las Vegas, Toronto and Edmonton.

  • To ensure the safety of the players and the league, the NHL might create hub cities where teams will meet and play instead of teams traveling to every stadium.

The NHL will allow fans to attend games in places where local states/provinces allow it.

Canadian teams could be moved to the U.S for the 2020-21 season if the NHL can’t reach an agreement with provincial health authorities. Non-NHL cities like Milwaukee, Kansas City, Austin and Orlando to make a push to host Canadian teams if the NHL has interest.

  • With 7 Canadian teams and a bunch of travel restrictions between the U.S and Canada, Canadian teams might have to play in the U.S in a non-NHL city. The Toronto Raptors of the NBA were forced to do the same.

NHL will likely have ads on players’ helmets to increase revenue.

The Dallas Stars could switch out of the Pacific Division with the Wild to go to the Central Division.

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