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The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Strong Season Performance

Maple Leafs Are Hot

How the Maple Leafs’ Season has Panned Out Lately

It is early in the season. But the Toronto Maple Leafs, just like every other NHL team, are looking to have a strong season. It is by no means an easy feat, but it is certainly doable. It just takes a lot of determination and hard work. That, too, applies to every team. But for the Maple Leafs, their season has been going pretty well. There are still plenty of games left in the season. Things can change in an instant.

Certainly from the start of the season, the Canadian hockey team has started their 2021 season off on the right track. They have been able to put up a strong performance throughout each game. This consistency is crucial in order for this team to continue on the pat toward success.

So far, the Maple Leafs have a win-loss-tie record of 5-2-0. This places them in a nice position in their North Division as they are ranked first. They are seven games in the season and things are going their way so far.

The Players who have Contributed Most to the Team’s Success

Auston Matthews has been the man to guide this team to their important wins. He recently returned back to the ice after suffering an upper-body injury during one of the team’s practices. It wasn’t severe enough to keep Matthews out for long. He is the driving force behind the team’s success. He is young, at just 23 years old. He has displayed a lot of exceptional hockey performances over the last few seasons. His contributions in past seasons has made him become a crucial asset to the Maple Leafs.

Matthews has had a productive season so far, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This is just what his team needs right now: a strong player who plays great hockey on the ice and is ramping up his game. There is no room for error or slowing down. Once again, it’s early in the season and things can change in an instant.

In addition to Matthews, the Leafs have other key players who have made important contributions to the team thus far. For example, Wayne Simmonds has proven a lot to the Leafs. As of late, Simmonds has had a strong power play performance. It seems like he has what it takes to take his hockey game to the next level and help his team on the power play.

Simmonds has been able to net in plenty of goals for his team, which has also helped the Leafs earn their 5-2-0 record. So it looks like Simmonds is a vital asset to the Leafs.

How the Rest of the 2021 Season Looks

At this point, the Leafs are moving strong. They have a lot of energy and are more than ready for the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals. The Leafs want Lord Stanley and they know they need to put in lots of hard work.

Looking at the rest of the reason, it seems like this team has some interesting matchups. For instance, their matchup against the Edmonton Oilers is a challenging one, but will help the Leafs gain experience playing against tough games. This will better prepare them for the playoffs and finals.

Of course, their schedule is entirely different thanks to a division realignment the NHL has set out. This means they will face only specific teams a handful of times throughout the next few months. It also means they won’t face many other tougher opponents, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vegas Golden Knights, Montreal Canadiens and the Winnipeg Jets.

Some of these players are notably top contenders for the cup. Many of these teams have also been playing strong and have been predicted to win the Stanley Cup this year. So, despite not being able to play against the teams named above, the Leafs have an interesting lineup of games to play.


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