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The Philadephia Flyers Looks To Be A Better Team Than Before

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The Philadelphia Flyers may not be perfect or the best team in the world. However, they certainly seem like a better team than they did before. Here’s how the team has developed into a stronger team.

The Flyers Are Redeveloping Their Roster

The Flyers have made gotten some good additions to their team as of late. For instance, they added Ryan Ellis, Rasmus Ristolainen, and Keith Yandle to their team recently.

This is a huge step in the right direction for a team looking for a major turnaround during the 2021-22 season.

Let’s look at Yandle. He’s that kind of guy who plays really good defensively on the ice, which should help the Flyers’ defense struggles. Plus, he’s paired up with Ellis and Ristolainen. This trio will definitely help improve the team significantly.

In contrast, the Flyers still need to work on bolstering up their offense more. They will be looking for a sniper, coupled up with some good speed on the ice.

So, there seems to be some good and bads about the Flyers’ current roster. Fortunately, there’s still time. But time is running out. The Flyers have a few more months until the NHL season kicks off, so they will need to act fast in order to pick up some additional guys to help their team.

Despite this concern, the team’s roster is definitely improving, so hopefully the Flyers will see more positive results this season.

The Goaltending Situation

Goaltending is equally as important as the offense and defense squad. Carter Hart hasn’t performed at his best as of late, though.

In the past, Hart provided excellent goaltending for his team, including the playoffs during his time with the Flyers.

Unfortunately, some questions have to be raised about the goaltending situation for the Flyers. Then there’s Martin Jones, the 31-year old backup goalie who seems to be a potential risk for the team.

Jones originally began in San Jose at the beginning of his career, even bringing the Sharks to the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2016.

A possible suggestion would be for the Flyers to look into picking up a key goaltender. Hart is ok, but if the Flyers want to do better this year, they may need to look into finding a more reliable goaltender.

Hart went 9-11-5 last season, but performed better in the 2019-20 season. He concluded the season with a 24-13-3 record in just 43 games. This is compared to only 27 games that he played last season.

Of course, Hart is just 22-years old, so he’s very young. But because he doesn’t have too much NHL experience, it may be a good idea for the Flyers to find a goaltender who has played at least three, four or even five years of NHL hockey. This could be an ideal situation for the team.

In conclusion, there is still some time left for the Flyers to fix their team up and prepare for what they hope will be a better season.

The Flyers are looking to do so much more than they did last season. They’d like to not only make it into the playoffs, but head to the Finals and, better yet, win the Stanley Cup Trophy.

Sure, it is a tall order, but it’s doable. So, we’ll see how the Flyers do in October.

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