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Results of the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Edmonton Oilers Series

A game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers can prove to be interesting. It is the clash between two good teams in the NHL. The recent three-game sweep was indeed an interesting matchup.

In the three-game matchup, the Maple Leafs came out on the better side.

Analysis on Both Sides of the Team

The series started Feb. 27, where the Maple Leafs worked quickly and pounded the Oilers 4-0 to start off the three-game sweep. For the Oilers, this shutout was likely a bitter taste and quite hard to swallow.

If that loss wasn’t enough, Monday night’s game was no different. Once again, the Oilers were defeated and suffered a 3-0 loss to their opponents.

In the final game on Wednesday, March 3, the Oilers were looking to capitalize on that last game of the series. The Oilers wanted to pick up a much-needed win.

Consequently, the Maple Leafs dominated the game and hammered in six total goals during that game. While the Oilers didn’t get shut out during this game, they suffered a 6-1 loss.

This means that during the three meetings, the Maple Leafs scored a total of 13 goals while the Oilers were only able to net in one single goal.

Give the Oilers some credit during the last game, though. In the beginning of this game, it seemed like everything was working in the Oilers’ favor. To start off the game, the Oilers produced five shots in a short time span of over two minutes. They came out hitting the ground running.

Offensively, the Oilers performed well. Leon Draisaitl contributed to a goal during yesterday’s game. For the team, that would be the only goal they saw that game. Things started to change from there.

Later in the game, specifically during the second period, Toronto stepped up to the plate and didn’t back down for even a moment.

Jason Spezza produced a total of three assists that game. Travis Boyd scored twice.

What’s Next for the Two Teams

Coming off of Wednesday night’s huge win, the Leafs have improved their record to 18-4-2 and sit at first in the North Division.

In addition, the Leafs are rolling on a nice four-game win-streak and have a total of 38 points in their division right now. They currently sit nine points over the Winnipeg Jets.

The Leafs will be looking to extend their win-streak tonight when they take on the Vancouver Canucks (9-15-2). .

As for the Oilers, they will be looking to find their ground after their unfortunate three-game losing streak thanks to the Leafs.

The Oilers sit at third in the North Division and hold a 14-11-0 record, with 28 points in the division. So, they are 10 points behind the Leafs. To catch up with them, the Oilers will need to produce a handful of wins to rack up some more points and improve their standing.

The good news is the Oilers will have an opportunity to do just that. It comes as soon as Saturday, March 6 when they take on the Calgary Flames (10-11-2).


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