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Ranking NHL Retro Reverse Jerseys

Adidas has brought a new wave of jerseys into the league, the NHL Retro Reverse jerseys. These jerseys brought back some old designs and new styles to display on the ice. Some teams created a perfect design while other teams failed miserably. Let’s see how every team did in making the Retro Reverse jerseys.

  1. Detroit Red Wings: This Red Wings jersey just looks like a practice jersey. It looks very boring and doesn’t have interesting features which is why it the worst Retro Reverse jersey


  1. New York Islanders: The Islanders didn’t do much as this jersey is almost identical to their normal jersey except the blue is darker. On top of that, the biggest disappointment is that they did not bring back the amazing fisherman logo.


  1. Winnipeg Jets: The Jets decided to use an ugly grey color for the main color of their jersey which just doesn’t look good. They should have used a light blue color instead and incorporated more red.


  1. San Jose Sharks: Grey on the Sharks just looks off. The Sharks have one of the best regular jerseys in the league however, with grey being the main color, it doesn’t work at all.


  1. Columbus Blue Jackets: The red for the Blue Jackets doesn’t work. They went for a bold design but it just didn’t work out. Instead they should have used their old bug logo.


  1. St. Louis Blues: Just like the Blue Jackets, the red doesn’t work for the Blues. The stripes on the bottom is solid but as a whole, the red overpowers the Blues.


  1. Dallas Stars: This Stars jersey is not good at all. The color is boring, the logo in the center looks off, and the design on the bottom is poor. Nothing is right about this jersey. 


  1. Philadelphia Flyers: The Flyers jersey looks like an old and fake version of their actual jerseys. The design on the arms also make the jersey unappealing. 


  1. Nashville Predators: Yellow on a jersey is a recipe for disaster. Even though this jersey is clean, the overpowering amount of yellow is what makes it so low.


  1. Boston Bruins: Similar to the Predators, the yellow on this jersey isn’t the best look. The Bruins finally brought back the bear on the shoulders but the rest of the jersey isn’t great.


  1. Vegas Golden Knights: The Golden Knights decided to use their secondary logo and red for their retro jersey however it does not fit them. The only thing that makes this jersey so high is the stripes on the bottom.


  1. Toronto Maple Leafs: The overall design of the jersey is solid but the logo ruins the jersey. The logo seems like a fake leafs logo and is filled with improper capitalization. 


  1. Chicago Blackhawks: The black and red combination for the Blackhawks looks pretty good but the logo in the middle is really what lowers this jersey.


  1. Buffalo Sabres: The Sabres went back to the early 2000s by using the designs of their retro jerseys but changing the colors. This color change fits well with the design of the jersey.


17: Pittsburgh Penguins: The Penguins used their diagonal “Pittsburgh” logo which is great but overall the jersey is quite simple but solid.


  1. Edmonton Oilers: The Oilers kept it simple and went with a clean white jersey. The jersey isn’t bad at all but it’s just a bit boring and uncreative.


  1. Ottawa Senators: The Senators are using their now current logo on their retro jerseys and it looks decent. However, there is too much red on the jersey which lowers it.


  1. Tampa Bay Lightning: The Lightning returned to their throwback logo which is very liked. The jersey overall looks good but there is a bit too much white.


  1. New Jersey Devils: The red and green combination works very well and reminds tons of people of Christmas. Even though the colors fit nicely, there might be a little too much green


  1. Florida Panthers: The Panthers go back to using their old logo and jersey color. The logo with the dark blue color looks good and the Panthers should consider making these their new jerseys.


  1. Montreal Canadiens: The Canadiens inverted the colors of their usual jerseys to create this jersey and surprisingly it works. Canadiens fans may not like the change, but it fits well.


  1. Carolina Hurricanes: The Hurricanes pay tribute to the Whalers with their jersey. The Whalers colors and logo is great but the only thing that lowers the jersey is that grey is the main color.


  1. Anaheim Ducks: The Ducks went bold by using the flying Mighty Duck as their logo and it looks amazing. The only negative part to this jersey is that it is a little busy.


  1. Calgary Flames: Blasty makes his return to the Flames and just like the Flames, this jersey is fire. The black along with the Blasty logo look great together.


  1. Vancouver Canucks: The Canucks went with a bold design and used a gradient color for their jersey. Lucky for them, the gradient, overall designs and color of the jersey is phenomenal.


  1. Washington Capitals: The eagle returns back in Washington. The eagle looks great on the jersey, especially with the diagonal stripe on the bottom.


  1. Arizona Coyotes: The Coyotes went BOLD for their retro jerseys and they hit it out of the park. The Kachina coyote head on the purple jersey with the Arizona themed bottom pattern looks perfect.


  1. Minnesota Wild: The Wild simply switched the color red to yellow to honor the North Stars and it fits perfectly. The jersey is very clean and the colors match very well.


  1. New York Rangers: Lady Liberty is back in New York and it does look great. The simple navy blue jersey with the Statue of Liberty looks fantastic.


  1. Los Angeles Kings: The Kings go back to the purple and gold and it looks amazing on them, as they look just like the Lakers. The Kings should make these colors permanent.


  1. Colorado Avalanche: The Norquides theme jersey with the Avalanche colors just works perfectly. The only thing that would make this jersey better is if they made a blue version.


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