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Potential Trades for Pierre-Luc Dubois

WIth Pierre-Luc Dubois reportedly unhappy in Columbus and wanting a trade, there is wide speculation on if he will be traded and if so, where he will go. Many teams seem to be interested in the young center on a very reasonable contract and could give up a big package in return for Dubois. Here are some mock trades for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

Calgary Flames Receive: Pierre-Luc Dubois

Columbus Blue Jackets Receive: Sean Monahan, 2021 1st round pick

This is an interesting deal for the Flames, upgrading their first-line center. The Flames have previously discussed possibly trading Monahan but now they can trade Monahan with a first for a younger and cheaper center. For the Blue Jackets, in return, they still get a first-line center that might fit better along with a first-round pick. This trade could be a win-win scenario for both teams.

Montreal Canadiens Receive: Pierre-Luc Dubois

Columbus Blue Jackets Receive: Philip Danault, Cole Caufield 

There is a chance that Pierre-Luc Dubois can come home to Montreal. The Canadiens get a hometown first-line center that they can build around. This package is enticing for the Blue Jackets as Danault could be a first/second-line center but is being overlooked in Montreal due to their young center depth. Cole Caufield is a young prospect that has the potential to be an elite sniper.

New York Rangers Receive: Pierre-Luc Dubois

Columbus Blue Jackets Receive: Ryan Strome, Pavel Buchnevich, 2021 1st round pick, 2021 2nd round pick

It was reported that Dubois may want to play in a big market and what bigger market is there than New York. The Rangers don’t have the greatest center core but Dubois could change that quickly. On the flip side, The Blue Jackets get a second-line center who had a career year last season along with a top 6 winger. On top of that, they get a 1st and 2nd round pick. This isn’t the best trade for the Blue Jackets by any means, but one they may consider.

Winnipeg Receive: Pierre-Luc Dubois

Columbus Blue Jackets Receive: Patrik Laine

This last trade might make sense for both teams. The Jets acquire Dubois who would be a great addition to the Jets stacked top 6 while the Blue Jackets get Patrik Laine, an elite goal-scoring winger. The crazy part about this trade is that Laine and Dubois have had a similar story in their careers. Both of these stars were drafted in 2016, Liane 2nd overall and Dubois 3rd overall, both have shown flashes of their superstar potential, but now are unhappy on their current teams (Laine, playing time; Dubois, management). Trading these young stars one for one could give them the opportunity to thrive on a different team.


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