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Possible NHL Trades that Could Happen Monday

The NHL trade deadline is less than a week from now, Monday, April 12 at 3 p.m. ET. There are many teams that are looking to add new players.

In addition,there are many possible players that could be traded by Monday. So, here’s a look at who could be traded and and what some teams across the league will be looking for during Monday’s trade deadline.

Players that Could be on the Move

There are some players across the NHL that just haven’t played their part lately. Consequently, this could mean that they won’t be a part of the team come Monday.

First, let’s look at New Jersey Devils’ forward Kyle Palmieri. It has been confirmed that the Devils will be parting ways with him sometime before Monday.

Despite this, he seems to have a good record that will be beneficial for any team. He has proven to the NHL that he is an efficient goal scorer. In addition, the Boston Bruins are already looking into possibly picking Palmieri up. He would certainly be a good addition to any team, given that he possesses a 9.5 shooting percentage.

Next up is Rickard Rakell, forward for the Anaheim Ducks. He’s only 27 years old and seems to be a valuable player in the league. He is a top-six winger with very high value in the league, right now. So, should the Ducks make a trade with Rakell, any team would be picking up a very good, highly-skilled hockey player.

There is only one problem, which could make trading Rakell a problem. Rakell is currently on injured reserve and it is unclear of when he will return back to the ice. Other than that, if Rakell can come off of IR in time for the trade deadline, he will be a vital asset for any team.

Then there’s Chicago Blackhawks’ Carol Soderberg. He’s 35 years old. Despite his age, Soderberg is an NHL veteran, making him well-experienced in the professional hockey world. To be honest, he provides good quality hockey playing. This certainly makes him a good deal for any team.

Finally, there’s Buffalo Sabres’ Taylor Hall. He’s a 29-year oldforward who originally inked a one-year deal with the team.

Hall was unable to produce the results that the Sabres were looking for. He has only two goal in 37 games and has only a 2.3 percent shooting percentage. These statisitics alone is not really enough for the Sabres to keep Hall. Even Hall himself is likely looking for another team to join.

What Some NHL Teams are Looking For

When the trade deadline arrives, there will be many teams looking for specific things in a player to help enhance their team’s overall performance.

For example, the Philadelphia Flyers have some small inconsistencies in their defense. So, they will need to pick a player who has excellent defense ability on the ice. If they can manage this, the Flyers will have a better advantage during their upcoming matches.

For the New York Islanders, finding a player who has good offensive skills would be a huge plus. They need to look for a player who is good at handling the puck efficiently on the ice and can put the puck in the back of the net without any problems turning over the puck to the opposing team.

The Winnipeg Jets are sort of the opposite of the Islanders, at this point. They need a guy who will provide some good defense for the team. The Jets have played decently, but they could use some help on the defensive side of their game.

If the Jets can pick up any denfenseman who knows how to provide consistent and strong defense, the Jets will be well on their way.

Now, let’s go back to the Kyle Palmieri situation for a moment. There is one team in particular who should definitely consider getting Palmieri added to the team.

The Carolina Hurricanes could benefit from him because they have enough cap room. In addition, the Canes have been putting in a good effort this season. So, Palmieri may be a potential keeper for the team.

At this point, everything and anything will be all up for grabs during the trade deadline. It will be interesting to find out who makes a move and who doesn’t.


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