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NHL Teams to Wear Helmet Ads

NHL Allows for Helmet Ads

The NHL has allowed for advertisements to be posted on players’ helmets for the upcoming 2021 season. This is something new the hockey league has come up with, and so far three teams have reveleaed their helmet ads. Those teams include the Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals and the New Jersey Devils.

Each team has made deals for advertising companies that are represented on each team’s home arena. For example, the Devils play all home games at Prudential Center. They will feature the Prudential logo on their helmets this season.

Right now, these are the only three teams that have unveiled their helmet ads for the upcoming 2021 season. But they will not be the only ones. It is expected for the remaining NHL teams to unveil theirs as the 2021 season comes closer. Each will likely have a different sponsor from the other teams, of course.

Because of financial issues that the NHL has dealt with, the league decided to use this as an opportunity to help build lost revenue due to COVID-19. However, jerseys will not have any advertisements presented on them. This is because of the ease of selling ads on helmets.

Could Jersey Ads Be an Option Later?

In addition to the anouncement of helmet advertisements, there is a possibility that the NHL will sell jersey ads. However, this has not yet ben confirmed. The NHL could do so in the future. This, however, would need to be utilized at a time when the NHL is able to make a significant amount of money.

As for right now, the pandmenic has caused an insurmountable loss in money from the men’s hockey league. Therefore, helmet ads were the first choice as part of the solution.

Could Ads Be Placed Elsewhere?

As for right now, there hasn’t been any confirmation of arena ads being placed anywhere in a broader aspect other than helmets. However, it is possible that it could change. It is expected that the NHL will use arena ads on television and other areas soon.

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