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NHL 2020 Mock Draft

Pick 1 – New York Rangers: Alexis Lafreniere (LW)

Lafreniere is the obvious #1 pick for the Rangers who will be a franchise left winger for them.

Pick 2 – Los Angeles Kings: Tim Stutzle (LW/C)

It was between Stutzle and Byfield, but the Kings are leaning towards Stutzle due to his dynamic skill set. 

Pick 3 – Ottawa Senators (via San Jose): Quinton Byfield (C)

The Senators will take the remainder of Byfield/Stutzle which in this case, is Byfield who will be their future #1 center.

Pick 4 – Detroit Red Wings: Cole Perfetti (C/LW)

This is the first unknown pick in the draft as the Red Wings have tons of options to choose from. It was reported that the Wings really like Perfetti and his game. Perfetti could be the future #2 line center behind Larkin or #1 left winger.

Pick 5 – Ottawa Senators: Lucas Raymond (RW)

After adding their future #1 center, the Senators will complete their future first line with Swedish winger Lucas Raymond.

Pick 6 – Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Drysdale (D)

The Ducks take the best defenseman in the draft who can significantly improve their defense which could use some work.

Pick 7 – New Jersey Devils: Alexander Holtz (RW)

The Devils are in desperate need of goal scoring wingers and Holtz would fit perfectly. The best sniper in the draft will be an amazing fit with either Hughes or Hischier.

Pick 8 – Buffalo Sabres: Marco Rossi (C)

The Sabres take a chance on Austian center who has tremendous upside. Rossi could be the future #2 center behind Eichel or can even be #1 center if Eichel is traded.

Pick 9 – Minnesota Wild: Anton Lundell (C)

The Wild are in desperate need of centers and Lundell would be the perfect fit. His playing style is reminiscent of Mikko Kiovu who just left the organization after 15 seasons. Lundell would fit right in.

Pick 10 – Winnipeg Jets: Jake Sanderson (D)

One of the Jets’ biggest weaknesses is their weak defense, so drafting Sanderson, who has potential to be a top 4 or even top 2 defensman, would be the smart pick.

Pick 11 – Nashville Predators: Jack Quinn (RW)

The Predators address one of their biggest needs, a goal scoring winger. Quinn has one of the best shots in the draft and would fit great in the Predators future top 6.

Pick 12 – Florida Panthers: Seth Jarvis (RW)

The Panthers will need to add some wingers this year, especially if they lose Hoffman or Dadnov in free agency. Jarvis is a scoring winger with great skating and hockey sense who could be their replacement in the future.

Pick 13 – Carolina Hurricanes (via Toronto): Yaroslav Askarov (G)

The Hurricanes have a very bright future, but the only thing they are lacking is a star goaltender. Askarov is the best goaltender prospect in the last decade and could fit the missing piece for the Hurricanes.

Pick 14 – Edmonton Oilers: Dylan Holloway (LW)

The Oilers are in desperate need of wingers for Connor McDavid. Holloway is a versatile power forward that could fit very well with McDavid.

Pick 15 – Toronto Maple Leafs (via Pittsburgh): Braden Schneider (D)

The Maple Leafs need big physical defensemen and Schneider is just that. Schneider may be a reach at 15 in a weak defensive draft, but would be a great fit for the Leafs.

Pick 16 – Montreal Canadiens: Rodion Amirov (LW)

Amirov is the wildcard of the draft as he has the potential to be a top line left winger. Amirov has a tremendous complete game but his only weakness is his skinny frame. The Canadiens however, aren’t afraid to take risks and Amirov could be the steal of the draft.

Pick 17 – Chicago Blackhawks: Dawson Mercer (RW)

The Blackhawks play it safe with Mercer who is a great two-way winger. Mercer would be a great fit with the young Blackhawks center Kirby Dach and Dylan Strom and could be in their future top 6.

Pick 18 – New Jersey Devils (via Arizona): Jacob Perreault (RW)

With the Devils’ second first round pick, they want to add even more scoring and draft Perreault who is an elite offensive weapon with a great shot. He could fit in the Devils’ future top 6 or top 9.

Pick 19 – Calgary Flames: Connor Zary (C)

The Flames take a safe pick in Zary who has a very well-rounded game and plays with tons of energy. Zary could be the future #2 center behind Sean Monahan in Calgary.

Pick 20 – New Jersey Devils (Vancouver): Helge Grans (D)

With the Devils third pick in the first round, they are likely to take a risk. Grans has great offensive skill as a defenseman but his defensive skills are concerning. If he could develop his defense in New Jersey, he could be a steal.

Pick 21 – Columbus Blue Jackets: Noel Gunler (RW)

The Blue Jackets pick Gunler who has a great shot and underrated defensive skill. The only part of his game he is lacking is his attitude. Despite his poor character, he would be a great linemate with Dubois.

Pick 22 – New York Rangers (via Carolina): Hendrix Lapierre (C)

Lapierre could either be a huge steal or bust for the Rangers as he was initially projected to be a top 10 pick at the start of the year, but his concussion concerns brought his ranks way down. The Rangers are in need of a good #2 center and Lapierre could turn into that if he stays healthy.

Pick 23 – Philadelphia Flyers: Mavrik Bourque (C)

The Flyers add a playmaking center to their system that has a great offensive skill set. He is projected to be a 2nd line center and is great value for pick 23.

Pick 24 – Washington Capitals: Kaiden Guhle (D)

The Capitals settle on Guhle who has a good defensive game and good size. If Guhle improves his offensive game, he could be a very solid top 4 defenseman.

Pick 25 – Colorado Avalanche: Tyson Foerster (RW/C)

The Avalanche add to their already stacked top 6 by drafting Foerster who has great goal-scoring abilities and could be a powerplay weapon.

Pick 26 – St. Louis Blues: Jan Mysak (C)

Mysak has a very impressive all around game as he can score while being a great defensive presence. Mysak will slot in well with the aging Blues forward core.

Pick 27 – Anaheim Ducks (via Boston): Lukas Reichel (LW)

Reichel has good scoring, vision and skating and could be a good secondary scoring option for the Ducks in their future top 6.

Pick 28 – Ottawa Senators (via New York): Ryan O’Rourke (D)

The Senators add to their young D core with O’Rourke who is the best defensive defenseman in the draft with good skating and decent offensive capabilities.

Pick 29 – Vegas Golden Knights: Justin Barron (D)

The Knights take a gamble on Barron who is a strong defensive defenseman but his offensive game and his consistency is a bit concerning. He could possibly turn into a top 4 or 6 defenseman for them.

Pick 30 – Dallas Stars: Brendan Brisson (C)

The Stars draft Brisson who is a great playmaker and has an underrated shot and defensive game. He could turn out to be their future #2 or #3 center for the Stars.

Pick 31 – San Jose Sharks (via Tampa Bay): William Wallinder (D)

Walliander is a huge defensive defenseman with great skating 

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