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Boston Bruins: Re-signing David Krejci Could be the Key to Re-signing Taylor Hall

David Krejci and Taylor Hall crash the net in game 2 of round 1.

Forward Taylor Hall has already stated that he has interest in staying in Boston. Hall has made it clear that he wants to prioritize fit over value and he believes he already sees a fit in Boston. One of the major reasons for that fit? Bruins veteran center, David Krejci.

David Krejci lifts the Stanely Cup. (Via Getty Images)

Krejci’s Impact

David Krejci recently finished a 6-year contract in Boston. One of the last remaining Bruins from the 2011 Stanley Cup run, Krejci has also stated he wants a return to Boston. For almost two decades, David Krejci has served as second-line center and alternate captain for the Bruins. Krejci has made most of his impact in the playoffs, where he is second all time in Bruins history for points scored.

Krejci’s talent and leadership absolutely cannot be replaced, but it is going to have to happen eventually. With Krejci being 35 years-old, this may happen sooner rather than later. Boston already seems to have Krejci’s replacement in centreman, Charlie Coyle. The Bruins signed Coyle to his own 6-year contract last year. In the event Krejci leaves, the Bruins will still have Coyle.

While Coyle is a decent centreman, he is not David Krejci. Krejci arguably deserves to have his #46 raised to the rafters in Boston due to his skill and leadership. Krejci has also shown no concerning signs of declining skill. This slick feed to Taylor Hall is just one example of what Krejci can still do.

Taylor Hall celebrates a goal in Boston. (Via the Boston Globe)

Hall’s Fit In Boston

When Taylor Hall joined the Bruins at the trade deadline in 2021, he finally found a centreman in David Krejci. Since 2016, Taylor Hall played with centreman that were either too old and slow, or too young and inexperienced. Along with injury issues, hall did not seem to truly be making any impact for his teams. At that point, many were calling Taylor Hall washed up.

The Hall being washed up changed once he came to Boston though. While David Krejci may be old, he certainly does not lack skill. Taylor Hall was able to instantly generate chemistry with the veteran Bruin. After only scoring 2 goals in 37 games with Buffalo, Hall would score 8 goals in 16 games for the Bruins. This impressive turnaround was thanks in part to David Krejci.

Taylor Hall and David Krejci congratulate rookie goalie Jeremy Swayman for a win. (Via Sportsnet)

Re-Sign Krejci and Hall Will Follow

Having a second line that is as deadly as the first line can do wonders for a hockey team. With the chemistry that Hall and Krejci have built in such a short time, the Bruins have the opportunity to ensure that the team will have two deadly forward lines. Without David Krejci, it would force Taylor Hall to form chemistry with his new centreman again. But there is no guarantee that the chemistry will be as solid as what Hall has with Krejci.

Both Krejci and Hall have stated that they want to remain in Boston, they do not care about getting a bigger payday. With the chemistry formed between them, both absolutely would want to play with each other again. Taylor Hall wants to stay in one spot, and the only way he will is if he knows it is a good fit. If the Bruins resign Krejci, Taylor Hall would fit on the team perfectly.

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