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Analyzing Connor McDavid’s Potential for the Oilers

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Edmonton Oilers’ center Connor McDavid has proven time after time again that he is a one-of-a-kind NHL player. He is certainly a crucial asset to the Oilers’ roster. McDavid has been a key player for the Oilers and there is no question that he will have a critical role to play during the upcoming season.

During the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, McDavid was picked first overall by the Oilers. During his first season, he lived up to the Oilers’ expectations. He provided his team with a good performance all season long.

In late 2016, he was named captain of the team. For McDavid, this was a major accomplishment. In addition, McDavid was named captain at only 19 years old, notably making him the youngest captain in franchise history.

Throughout his early years with the Oilers, McDavid has accomplished a lot. He recorded 30 goals and 70 assists during the 2016-17 season and won the Art Ross Trophy. In mid-2017, McDavid inked an eight-year deal with the Oilers. The extension contract’s deal was worth $100 million.

Will McDavid Have a Strong Performance This Season?

Looking to the 2021 season and considering all the past accomplishments McDavid has been able to achieve for the Oilers, McDavid will have high expectations. This, however, is by no means a difficult task for the 23 year old NHL star to fulfill.

Last season, McDavid recorded 34 goals and 63 assists, giving him a total of 97 points to finish off the season. The work McDavid and his teammates put in during the 2019-20 season was enough for the Oilers to finish the season with a 37-25-9 record, finishing second in their conference. Despite losing in the Qualifying Round to the Chicago Blackhawks 1-3, it is worth noting the Oilers are still a powerful team with a powerful team captain leading them.

With this in mind, McDavid has what it takes to help his team move up the ladder this season.

Where the Oilers Stand With McDavid and the Rest of the Team

There will be no preseason games and a shortened amount of games to play this season. The Oilers still have a nice set of players to begin the 2021 season. They have McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Caleb Jones and many others who have proven that they will work together as a team to win as many games as possible and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers also have goalie Mikko Koskinen to look at. So, to sum things up, the Oilers have a good formulated roster.

Regardless of any roster additions or moves that have been made, the Oilers look like they have a good roster on their hands.

The Oilers have a set of players who are ready to put in the hard work and effort to help the team go far the season. Their season kicks off Jan. 13 in a home-opener matchup against the Vancouver Canucks.

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