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Adidas Reveal “Reversed Retro” NHL Jerseys

On November 10, Adidas announced in a video that all 31 NHL teams will be receiving a new retro jersey for the 2020-21 season. However, these jerseys aren’t typical retro jerseys. Adidas decided to put a little twist by making them a “reversed” retro jersey. The colors of the original retro jerseys will be inverted and will feature designs from a period from every teams’ history. Although the full details of the jerseys aren’t released, here is what is known so far for every team.

*Primary color, secondary color, year*

Anaheim Ducks: White, Teal, 1995

Arizona Coyotes: Purple, Orange, 1998

Boston Bruins: Yellow, Black, 1990

Buffalo Sabres: White, Blue, 2000

Calgary Flames: Black, Red, 1998

Carolina Hurricanes: Grey, Green, 1979

Chicago Blackhawks: Black, Red, 1940

Colorado Avalanche: White, Burgundy, 1979

Columbus Blue Jackets: Red, Blue, 2000

Dallas Stars: White, Green, 1999

Detroit Red Wings: White, Get, 1998

Edmonton Oilers: White, Orange, 1979

Florida Panthers: Dark Blue, Red, 1996

Los Angeles Kings: Purple, Yellow, 1989

Minnesota Wild: White, Green, 1978

Montreal Canadiens: Blue, Red, 1977

Nashville Predators: Yellow, Blue, 1998

New Jersey Devils: Green, Red, 1982

New York Islanders: Dark Blue, Orange, 1980

New York Rangers: Dark Blue, Red, 1996

Ottawa Senators: Red, Beige, 1995

Philadelphia Flyers: Orange, Black, 1995

Pittsburgh Penguins: White, Yellow, 1997

San Jose Sharks: Grey, Teal, 1998

St, Louis Blues: Red, Blue, 1995

Tampa Bay Lightning: Blue, Black, 2004

Toronto Maple Leafs: Blue, Grey, 1970

Vancouver Canucks: Green, Blue, 2001

Vegas Golden Knights: Red, Black, 1992

Washington Capitals: Red, Blue, 1997

Winnipeg Jets: Grey, Dark Blue, 1979

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