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2022 NHL Draft Lottery Results

2022 NHL Draft Lottery Results

The 2022 NHL Draft Lottery has been drawn and several teams know when they are picking. Here are the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery results.

The Montreal Canadiens have won the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery and will have the first selection in the 2022 NHL Draft, which will be held in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately for the Canadiens have had an extremely disappointing season, going from losing in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2020-21 to finishing dead last in the league the following season. The Canadiens have faced many challenges during this season including coaching struggles, injuries, and more however now they have the prize of picking first overall. And with the 1st overall pick, it is expected that the Canadiens draft talented center, Shane Wright.

In addition to the Canadiens receiving the first pick, the New Jersey Devils jump up from the 5th pick to the 2nd pick. But unlike the Canadiens pick, the Devils have a difficult choice to make. They have plenty of options at 2nd overall including Logan Cooley, Simon Nemec, and Juraj Slafkovsky. The Devils have also been reported to be considering trading their 1st round selection for immediate help. It will be interesting to see how the 2022 NHL Draft will pan out.

2022 NHL Draft Order

1st pick – Montreal Canadiens 

2nd pick – New Jersey Devils

3rd pick – Arizona Coyotes 

4th pick – Seattle Kraken 

5th pick – Philadelphia Flyers 

6th pick – Columbus Blue Jackets (via Chicago Blackhawks)

7th pick – Ottawa Senators

8th pick – Detroit Red Wings 

9th pick – Buffalo Sabres

10th pick – Anaheim Ducks

11th pick – San Jose Sharks 

12th pick – Columbus Blue Jackets

13th pick – New York Islanders 

14th pick – Winnipeg Jets 

15th pick – Vancouver Canucks 

16th pick – Buffalo Sabres (via Vegas Golden Knights)

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