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Who is on the NFL Trade Block and Where can They end up?

Darius Slay Stefon Diggs

It is less than a month out from the beginning of NFL Free Agency. People around the league speculate of trades they would like to see happen to a player or team to put them in a better situation. However, the NFL does not traditionally have multiple trades that occur during the season, bt multiple do happen throughout the offseason. However, in recent years more trades are resulting, especially to big-name players. Here is a list of the players rumored to be on the trade block and where they can end up playing next season.

OJ Howard TE

When a tight end is drafted in the first round the bar for them is usually pretty high. OJ Howard has not played like the first-round selection he was, never having more than 600 yards or six touchdowns in a single season. Talented tight ends are hard to find, and most of it has to do with how they are utilized in their scheme. After a career year in 2018-19, Howard saw his usage diminish under new Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians. Unless his role is increased, it might be best for both sides to split ways. Howard’s trade value should be between a mid-late second or even a third-round pick in this year’s draft.

Potential Destinations: New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars 

Prediction: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drive up the asking price for OJ Howard and he remains with the team for the 2020-21 season

Nate Solder LT

Two years ago Nate Solder was one of the most sought after free agents on the market. Barely into his contract, he is on the trade block and could very likely get cut by the New York Giants. The only reason why Solder will have a trade market is because of the need for capable starting left tackles across the league. Solder might not be worthy of his contract, but he can be a starter for a team that is in extreme need of a blindside protector. Solder can likely be had for a day three draft pick, nothing more than a fifth-rounder. Depending on how the Giants offseason goes, there is also a chance teams could wait out the Giants to cut Solder if they upgrade both the left and right tackle positions.

Potential Destinations: Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts

Prediction: The New York Giants trade Nate Solder to the Denver Broncos for a 2020 sixth round pick


Alston Jeffery

Courtesy of NBC Sports

Alshon Jeffery WR

It doesn’t feel like it has been that long since Alshon Jeffery became one of the final pieces added to the Philadelphia Eagles offense to push them to their 2017 Super Bowl victory. The problem with Jeffery throughout his career has been his inability to stay on the field and play 16 games. Since 2012 Jeffery has only played in 13 games or more during the regular season three times. At this point in his career, Jeffery cannot be responsible for being a team’s number one wide receiver. However, Jeffery’s size and ability to dominate in the red zone still makes him valuable to a team. It is no secret that the Eagles are looking for an upgrade at wide receiver and want to move on from Jeffery. Teams in need of a bigger wide receiver should take a flyer on Jeffery for the right price.

Potential Destinations: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, New England Patriots,

Prediction The Philadelphia Eagles trade Alshon Jeffery and a sixth-round pick to the New York Jets for a fifth-round pick

Andy Dalton QB

After getting ahold of the first overall pick, the writing was on the wall for the Cincinnati Bengals to move on from long-time quarterback Andy Dalton. There was a time where Andy Dalton brought the Bengals to the playoffs four years in a row from 2012-15. Five years later Dalton seems to just not be the answer for this team who is depleted of talent and experience throughout their roster. Dalton is still a very serviceable quarterback, who can keep teams in-between quarterbacks contending until they figure out their answer. Since the Bengals could likely receive compensation for moving Dalton, cutting him will be unlikely. However, Dalton should be moved early in the offseason while there is still a market for quarterbacks. The asking price for Dalton will likely start at a mid-third-round selection.

Potential Destinations: Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots 

Prediction: The Cincinnati Bengals trade Andy Dalton to the Chicago Bears for a fourth round pick 

David Njoku TE

The 2019-20 season was supposed to be David Njoku’s break out season. The entire Cleveland Browns roster was supposed to flourish after adding Odell Beckham. Baker Mayfield was supposed to play at an MVP-like level and Njoku was supposed to be his security blanket in the middle of the field. Njoku only recorded five catches in four games played after breaking his wrist. Njoku has expressed that he would like to play elsewhere. It is likely that the Browns decline Njoku’s fifth-year option and put him on the trade block. Teams who have a need in a red zone threat or big-play tight end. If Njoku gets moved it seems likely that it will be to a contender who is willing to part with a day two pick in order to add a developed piece to their offense.

Potential Destinations:  Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots

Prediction: The Cleveland Browns trade David Njoku to the Green Bay Packers for a third & fifth round pick 

Cam Newton QB

Cam Newton
Courtesy of Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time this season where the Carolina Panthers were probably going to make the playoffs, but the inconsistencies at quarterback kept them out. Since his MVP-season, Cam Newton has declined. His age is showing and his athleticism is declining. Cam Newton is no longer the rushing threat he used to be and his inaccuracy is more prevalent than ever. However, at times, Newton looks like an upper-level quarterback that has the potential to bring a talented team to the playoffs. New head coach Matt Rhule needs to determine if Newton is a part of his plan for next season or not. Reports came out Tuesday stating that Cam Newton will remain a Carolina Panther come 2020. So, teams interested in trading for Newton might have to give up a few upper round draft picks in order to have his services.

Potential Destinations: Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers

Prediction: The Carolina Panthers retain Cam Newton until at least next season 

Stefon Diggs WR

After starting slow, Stefon Diggs had his career-best in receiving yards with over 1,100 yards. Diggs is a fantastic receiver, the reason why he is on this list is he plays across from another fantastic receiver in Adam Thielen who is the team’s number one receiver. The issue is that both Thielen and Diggs have high cap numbers. As good as Diggs has been, he has been inconsistent at times. Diggs has also expressed disinterest in being a number two receiver and was rumored to get moved before. The Minnesota Vikings aren’t interested in moving Diggs at this time. However, for the right price, the Vikings might move him and free up the cap space to improve their roster. Diggs could cost anywhere from a mid to late first-round pick or maybe a second-rounder if the Vikings are put in a position where they have no other option.

Potential Destinations: Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: The Minnesota Vikings retain Stefon Diggs for at least another year

Jets open to trading Le'Veon Bell
(Photo by USA Today Sports)

Le’Veon Bell RB

Le’Veon Bell had a solid season for the Jets. Behind the Jets abysmal offensive line and with the lack of playmakers around him, Bell managed to have over 1,000 yards. There was a point where Bell was one of the best running backs in football, arguably the best in the league. Unfortunately, Bell is going to be turning 28 next season which means this is likely his last year of great play. Since Bell has a large-cap hit and is on a team that needs work he is likely to be added to the trade block. The Jets could take advantage of Bell’s value and get a day two pick on return if they move him this offseason.

Potential Destinations: Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Prediction: The New York Jets hold onto Bell and explore moving him closer to the trade deadline if the Jets nowhere near the playoff picture by then

Darius Slay CB

Darius Slay is a top-five cornerback, but never receives the credit he deserves because he plays on a bad team with a bad defense. Unfortunately for the Lions, Slay is on the last year of his contract and will likely not re-sign with the team. There are so many contenders around the league that can use a corner of his caliber on their defense. Adding Slay can make a playoff contender into a Super Bowl team. The Lions market for Slay is going to be huge. Slay should be able to get at least a second-round pick in return for Slay. Any team that doesn’t have an elite secondary should check in on Slay and try to acquire him this offseason.

Potential Destinations: Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: The Detroit Lions trade Darius Slay to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round pick

NFL Bold Predictions
Derek Carr. (Photo Credit: The Athletic)

Derek Carr QB

Derek Carr has had one of the most intriguing careers of a quarterback since entering the league. Since Jon Gruden has taken over, Carr has had his prime wasted on a rebuilding team. This season Carr was serviceable and efficient, but he wasn’t a difference-maker. Carr also didn’t have a lot of weapons at his disposal either. Asking people who follow Carr/The Raiders there are mixed reviews on whether the Raiders should move on or stick with Derek Carr next season. The Raiders are apparently evaluating options for the position, especially players who would bring more attention to the team. Carr’s trade value is as high as the team trading for him expects of him. The higher the compensation the more they expect from Carr as their starter.

Potential Destinations: Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers

Prediction: The Las Vegas Raiders trade Derek Carr to the Los Angeles Chargers for a third round pick 


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