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Who Impressed and Who Disappointed After Week 1

With week one of the NFL in the books, there were many impressive performances and many disappointing performances from many players. Here are the players who impressed and disappointed after week one:

Aaron Rodgers

Impressed or Disappointed? Impressed

Fantasy Points after Week 1: 38 (CBS Fantasy)

Aaron Rodgers looked untouchable Sunday in the 42-34 win over the Minnesota Vikings. He went 32/44 in attempts, threw for 364 yards and threw four touchdown passes with no interceptions or sacks. Rodgers used wide receiver Davante Adams a lot, who gained 156 yards with two touchdown catches. He also had help from wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling, wide receiver Allen Lazard and running back Aaron Jones who all contributed to touchdowns on Sunday. Even though the Packers defense struggled, Rodgers was able to dominate in the offense and put up four touchdown passes in the game. If Rodgers keeps this form throughout the season, the Packers can be a heavy contending team this season.

Zach Ertz

Impressed or Disappointed? Disappointed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 7 (CBS Fantasy)

Right before the start of the season, Ertz had a fallout with the general manager of the Eagles Howie Roseman. After an Eagles practice, Ertz expressed his frustration to Roseman over contract negotiations. Since the altercation, contact talks halted between Ertz and the Eagles and now there are rumors that the Eagles are planning on trading Ertz, the NFL reports. After Sunday’s performance, there is a high chance the Eagles may just trade him. Ertz only had three receptions, 18 yards and one touchdown against The Washington Football team last Sunday. He did not look like himself, as he dropped a few passes and failed to be involved in many plays throughout the game. Ertz could have looked a whole lot better if he had put more effort in his performance. The Eagles ended up blowing a 17-0 lead and lost to The Washington Football Team 27-17. Right now there is no confirmation that the Eagles will trade Ertz out of Philadelphia, however, there have been talks of it, especially after Sunday’s disappointing game.

Cam Newton

Impressed or Disappointed? Impressed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 25 (CBS Fantasy)

Cam Newton impressed Patriots fans in the win against the Dolphins last Sunday. Newton went 15/19 with 155 passing yards, two sacks, no interceptions and two rushing touchdowns. During the second quarter of the game, Newton ran for four yards for a touchdown, and in the third ran for an 11-yard for a touchdown. Newton totaled 75 rushing yards, which is the most ever by a Patriots quarterback since Steve Grogan in 1977, ESPN reports. It was almost like the Newton of 2015 was out there on Sunday. Bill Belichick was extremely impressed with Cam’s performance and that “he’s earned everybody’s respect” on the Patriots team, ESPN reports.

Saquon Barkley

Impressed or Disappointed? Disappointed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 6 (CBS Fantasy)

Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was Daniel Jones’ first game as starting quarterback for the season after Eli Manning’s retirement from football. It seemed that Jones was more comfortable using wide receiver Darius Slayton over Barkley as Slayton scored two touchdowns for the Giants. Barkley ended the game with 15 carries, six rushing yards and no touchdowns. After the game, Barkley said that he needs to be better for the team, even though the Steelers’ defense was dominating throughout the game. “I have to be better, I have to be better for the team. We have to get the running game going” said Barkley to ESPN.

Ezekiel Elliot

Impressed or Disappointed? Impressed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 24 (CBS Fantasy)

Ezekiel Elliot was on fire during Sunday’s game against the Rams. Though the Cowboys lost, Elliot was the main spotlight in the game. He had 22 carries, 96 yards rushed with one rushing touchdown. He also had three receptions, 31 yards gained and one touchdown catch. Elliot scored the only two touchdowns for the Cowboys. It was obvious that Dak’s main target in the game was Elliot, and rightfully so. It was a disappointing loss for the Cowboys, however, the positive the Cowboys can take from this game is the form that Elliot is in. Once Dak Prescott can figure out how to use more of his receivers and once the tight end slot is filled, the Cowboys will win many games this upcoming season.

CeeDee Lamb

Impressed or Disappointed? Disappointed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 5 (CBS Fantasy)

There was so much anticipation for Lamb coming into Sunday’s game. Lamb only had five receptions with 59 yards and no touchdown catches. Lamb struggled to be involved in plays, and he also missed a few vital catches. He was not one of Prescott’s number one targets, as he used more of Elliot and Cooper over him. Lamb will use his poor performance as a learning lesson for future games. “At the end of the day, it’s on me” says Lamb about his miss opportunities in the game according to USA Today. “It’s my responsibility to make that conversation, to make that play. And I did not. It’s going to be in my head for a minute”. The Cowboys expect more from Lamb for this Sunday’s game against the Falcons, and they hope that he can find good chemistry with Prescott that they can use throughout the season.

Alvin Kamara

Impressed or Disappointed? Impressed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 18 (CBS Fantasy)

The Saints are one of the best teams that came out of Week 1. Alvin Kamara also put on a show for the Saints. Kamara showed why the Saints gave him a new five-year, $75 million dollar deal last week. He had five receptions, 51 yards gained with one touchdown catch and one rushing touchdown. The Saints were especially pleased with Kamara’s performance, especially after ruining Tom Brady’s Buccaneer’s debut. The Saints looked like a dangerous team on Sunday, and they can easily be one of the contenders for the Super Bowl this season.

Rob Gronkowski

Impressed or Disappointed? Disappointed

Fantasy Points After Week 1: 1 (CBS Fantasy)

Rob Gronkowski’s performance against the Saints on Sunday was possibly the biggest disappointment of the weekend. With all the hype built up behind’s Gronkowski debut along with Tom Brady’s, he failed to play up to it. Gronkowski only had two receptions for 11 yards during the whole game. He was barely a target for Brady, and he was not involved in many offensive plays.  The Buccaneers hope that Gronkowski can be involved in more plays in future games, especially for this Sunday’s game against the Panthers.




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