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Weighing Philadelphia’s First Round Pick Options

Weighing Philadelphia's First Round Pick Options

As the NFL Draft continues to get closer, selection speculations and different scenarios continue to circulate. The Philadelphia Eagles have the no. 6 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, so that gives them options as to how to use it. The typical thought when having a top 10 pick is to absolutely use it to get that one guy who can make a huge difference. While there is nothing wrong with going that route, Philadelphia has numerous holes to fill in their roster. With such a high draft pick, Philadelphia has the leverage to make a move with the pick that could give them more choices.

The majority of NFL mock drafts have the Eagles using their pick to address a single position void. Regardless, potentially choosing to trade the pick for additional draft picks is certainly on the table as a likely option. Although choosing to draft a player at no. 6 has its positives, the negatives are just as apparent. That fact goes both ways; each scenario has its pros and cons to the situation. In the end, it comes down to how confident Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie feel about the choice they make. Although the choice may be an easy decision for some, it is much more complicated than most would expect.

Keep and Draft a Top Prospect

Weighing Philadelphia's First Round Pick Options

Image courtesy of Eagles Wire

Anytime a team gets the opportunity to draft a player in the top 10 the expectations are extremely high and rightfully so. Philadelphia has not drafted very well at all in the last number of years, especially in the first round. Regardless, this is Philadelphia’s first time picking in the top 10 since drafting Carson Wentz second overall in 2016. Drafting that high is always exciting for a team because it means that they can get a top NFL prospect. Philadelphia has the chance to select a player that can come in and be a playmaker on day one. While the Eagles have multiple areas of concern on the roster, taking one of the top rookie prospects always has tremendous upside. With most players coming out of the draft, they need time to get comfortable and understand the difference between the NFL and college.

Being ranked higher means that the expectations are higher and that those players are more prepared for NFL competition. Additionally, Philadelphia has the chance to draft one of the top prospects that are ranked first in their position group. It all depends on which players are taken before Philadelphia, but sitting at no. 6 means the odds are much higher. Potentially having the no. 1 ranked wide receiver or cornerback prospects fall into their laps is a very real possibility. Although getting an offensive tackle, like Penei Sewell could be beneficial, he will likely be gone within the top 5 picks. As far as drafting a quarterback goes, it should not be done unless Trevor Lawrence is available, but there’s likely no chance of that happening.


Where there are positives of drafting in the top 10, there have to be negatives that will be involved. Philadelphia has a variety of problems that need to be addressed in the roster. With that in mind, simply choosing to ride with the sixth pick and take one player could be troublesome. While they can take a top prospect, that is only one player to help on a roster with numerous issues. Philadelphia has issues at wide receiver, offensive line, cornerback, linebacker, and several others. Yet, only being able to address one problem above all other issues is a tough choice to make, no matter what. In Philadelphia’s situation, choosing to keep the sixth pick and try to fix one issue is a large gamble.

It is a true instance of Philadelphia needing to be all in on the choice because if there is any doubt, they’re in trouble. Although whoever Philadelphia takes would most likely be a top prospect overall, it’s always possible that he will be a bust or simply just average. There are tons of instances of a top player being a bust in the past and that makes the decision tough. Regardless, that instance is simply something that is unpredictable with draft picks, a selection should not be considered depending on a bust possibility. There is no guarantee that Philadelphia will keep the sixth pick, a lot can change from now until they’re on the clock.

Trade Back for More Draft Picks

Weighing Philadelphia's First Round Pick Options
Image courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer

When looking at Philadelphia’s situation with their roster, it is fair to assume that simply taking one top player won’t fix much. Yes, it would be nice to get that one top draft pick who fans can feel good about, but in the end, it only helps one part. The Eagles are in quite a tough situation with the roster because there few positions where they are comfortable. The sixth pick gives Philadelphia a lot of leverage and opportunities to make a move that provides numerous benefits. There are teams that would be willing to trade to get the sixth pick and in return give Philadelphia a collection of draft picks. More draft picks mean more chances to help fill holes in an already struggling roster.

Agreeing to trade with a desperate team would help Philadelphia acquire more young talent. The additional draft picks would provide more depth to the roster and prevent the team from being so limited as to who deserves to play. More young players lead to more options when injuries happen and a brighter future overall. Injuries have continued to be a major struggle for Philadelphia, having more young players gives the team options. Young talent helps to keep players fresh throughout a season. Having more players to rotate and turn to when needed gives them an edge over other teams. Although using the sixth pick to take a top prospect may be beneficial, having more choices to draft could be just as good.


While trading for more picks could give the team numerous good opportunities, that is not always helpful. If Philadelphia decides to trade back and get more picks, then the players they take in return have a lower chance of being breakout stars. As the picks they receive get lower, so does the talent, and Philadelphia has not been the best at drafting in later rounds. When drafting lower-rated players in the later rounds, it becomes much more of a guessing game. Drafting in the first and second rounds is much more calculated and analyzed because the players are more proven. Instead of going off of their impressive college production, later-round players cause more uncertainty. It can be viewed as much more of a situation where teams are looking for the lucky needle in a haystack.

For Philadelphia, if they were to trade back and get additional lower draft picks in return, a lot would ride on them. This is the case because by giving away the sixth overall pick, they are trusting that basically, all players drafted afterward will be difference makers. If Philadelphia decides to trade back, there will be a lot riding on those selected, so they better consider all the possibilities.


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