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Unforgettable Moments With Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the legend of American football, has announced his retirement after a long and incredibly accomplished career. The impossible quarterback played his last game in December and isn’t returning for this season. Brady is already sorely missed by the Buccaneers’ fans and even more by New England Patriots fans. 

In fact, everyone who enjoyed watching football at its best now misses the GOAT. So, it’s not yet too soon to recap Brady’s eternal moments.


ESPN’s sports writer Seth Wickersham coined the nickname, an acronym for the Greatest Of All Times. Although accurate and well-deserved, such a moniker doesn’t seem to please Brady, who apparently “hates” it. Anyway, it’s hard to shake it off when you have more wins as a QB than anybody or seven NFL titles on the belt. During his time, he would twist the odds of every game affecting the major bookies predictions, including the Unibet Odds, one of the main betting sites associated with NFL. 

Our GOAT has written his name in almost every record book in the sport and has amassed numerous titles. Check below some groundbreaking moments of his career. 

The First of Many – 2001

Brady wasn’t yet the GOAT when he won his first Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. Nevertheless, it was only his second year in the highest league in the country, and it was an amazing start of his career indeed. 

The Comeback – 2016

The Pats were heading toward an embarrassing defeat against the Atlanta Falcons after an apathetic start. The Falcons took a comfortable lead of 21-0 right from the start. By the end of the third quarter, the scoreboard looked nightmarish for the Pats: 28-3 for the Falcons. Then, a jaw-dropping reaction was performed. The Pats went on a streak of 25 points, ultimately winning the match by 34-28. Brady scored five points in this game.

Winning Streak – 2007

2007 was quite a year for the GOAT, his team, and fans. The Pats won 18 matches in a row that year. The Giants frustrated the expectations of a perfect season, and the team didn’t manage to equal the Miami Dolphins’ mark in 1972. Nevertheless, it’s not an easily achievable mark.

An Autograph on the History Books – 2016

2016 brought one of the most defining moments of Brady’s career. That year, he became the quarterback with the most victories on the curriculum. He scored no less than 243 wins as a quarterback. Five years since the record remains untouched.

Joining A Very Exclusive Club – 2004

The Pats won the Super Bowl thrice between 2002 and 2005. This time, they won against the Philadelphia Eagles. The victory wasn’t particularly heroic, but it’s crucial for Brady. It’s because he became the seventh QB winning a Super Bowl, back-to-back.


Tom Brady has many impressive achievements in his career, and his name will be written in the sport’s Hall of Fame for generations to come. Yet, our GOAT didn’t manage to get rid of his nickname, which follows him like it does his glory.  

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