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Top Five NFL Coaching Rants of All Time

Just about every sport but football is on center stage this holiday weekend. Thus, I thought it would be a good time for a light hearted article. Here are my top five NFL coaching rants of all time. This is purely subjective and all my opinion. This is the kind of thing everyone has a different take on.

#5 “You Think You Know”- This is not the only time Jim Mora Sr. will appear on this list. His infamous “playoffs” rant is overrated, but this is gold. I love when coaches put the media in their place. No one really know what goes on behind closed doors in the NFL, good, bad, or indifferent. This is a good metaphor for life too. Mora almost speaks like he is giving a church sermon here. It is oddly fascinating. Here is the video from the Big Easy Bloopers YouTube channel.

#4 “Ditkith” – The coach of the ’85 Bears made no effort to keep his interaction with the media PG. In some ways, his pressers overshadowed a Hall of Fame playing and Super Bowl winning coaching career. Here, he takes what sounds like an unruly fan mispronouncing his name and runs with it. What follows is legendary (as seen on the Jeff Dirksen YouTube channel).

#3 “Didley Poo”- Back to Jim Mora Sr. for another gem. Here, he tries admirably to keep this rant PG, but fails miserably. To his credit, he always told it like it was when he was coaching. Notice, winning coaches never produce legendary soundbites. The NFL’s YouTube channel even included the “playoffs” rant in this video.

#2 “You Play to Win the Game” – Another classic here from 2002, it will be on Herman Edwards’s tombstone. I have no idea what the original question was, but the answer will live forever. I am so glad the NFL including the entire thing on their YouTube channel.

#1- “They Are Who We Thought They Were”- For me, this is a no-brainer. After an unbelievable Monday Night collapse against the heavily favored Bears team, Cardinals coach Dennis Green did not exactly give the Bears much credit for the win. Green was a very successful coach in the league for a long time, but all anyone remembers in this clip from the Best Sports interviews, rants, and conferences YouTube channel is Green’s rant. Side note, I am super bummed that Green attempting to exit the press room through the wrong door is not included.

There is my list folks. I hope this added some laughs to your holiday weekend. Did I leave any obvious ones out?

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