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Top 5 Browns Logos of All Time

The Cleveland Browns have one of the richest histories of all of the franchises in the National Football League. Their lineage of great players and coaches goes back decades. Both Paul and Jim Brown made substantial impacts on the game that are so widely loved today. The Browns also have had a wide variety of logos, both primary and secondary over the years that have been a rallying cry for the rabid fanbase that spans the entire globe. Starting from the number five spot, here are the top five logos that the Browns have had in their history, whether it be primary or alternate.

5. 2015-Present Primary logo

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Starting off the list is the current Browns primary logo, a topic of brief controversy as it does not contain many differences from it’s predecessor dating back to 1992. However, what makes this one unique is the more vibrant shade of orange on the helmet. While the differences may be subtle in a photograph, the helmets certainly have more glisten to them in real life as a result of this change.

4. 1970-1985 Primary logo

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This was the first take on the traditional orange helmet logo that many fans today associate with the organization, and perhaps inherently the most appealing due to the simplistic face mask that is being depicted in the image. The logo brings back memories of the famed Kardiac Kids, an area of Browns football that fans remember with glee and pride despite never reaching the Super Bowl.

3. 1960-1969 Alternate logo

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Despite the overwhelming amount of orange in this alternate logo (never a bad thing for Browns fans though), it still features “Brownie” the elf, a character that is still very much enjoyable today. Brownie being featured fending off defenders similar to Jim Brown makes this an exciting complement to the classic Brownie logo that was also in use during this time.

2. 2003-2014 Alternate logo

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This alternate logo was introduced in 2003, and was the first of its kind for Browns fans. The logo is without question an homage to the “Dawg Pound”, as the dog was featured on hats and shirts, but not the jerseys or helmets themselves. The fans are what made the experience at Browns games during this time bearable; the Dawg Pound being a major part of that. Despite the team floundering on the field year after year, the dog logo provided fans with a unique opportunity to showcase their fandom.

1. 1959-1969 Primary logo

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The famed “Brownie” elf takes the number one spot in the history of Browns logos not only due to the immense success the team had during this era, but this was the most marketable of the Browns logos as children around the city of Cleveland clung to their Brownie dolls during the 1960s. A more filled out and detailed elf was featured during this decade in comparison to their logo from 1948-1958 which was a less impressive cartoon depiction.

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