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The Game Haus Super Bowl 50 Predictions


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Peyton Manning taking his last gallop in the NFL and riding into the glorious San Francisco sunset with the Vince Lombardi Trophy tucked under his arm is the ending we all want, right? He’s had a resurgence in the playoffs and has the Broncos 60 minutes away from a Super Bowl Championship. Or is it the opposite ending we want? Do we want Cam Newton to get his first championship and emerge as the new “face of the NFL” after an incredible season? We all want something different is probably the easiest answer. Regardless, we have a matchup of giants on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos enter the game with the number four scoring defense in the league and an average offense. However, the offense has looked improved during the playoff run.

The Carolina Panthers have the fourth best offense while maintaining balance with the fourth best rushing defense. The passing defense is opportunistic and willing to take advantage of any pass that hangs a bit too much.

Who wins? Find out below as The Game Haus makes predictions.

Daniel Taylor (Founder, VP of Internal Affairs, NFL, NCAAF, and MLB Writer): Peyton Manning. Super Bowl. Retirement. Perfect. The Broncos have more experience as they enter a second Super Bowl in three years. They’re riding pure emotion and will have a fired up defense on Sunday. After the AFC Championship game and the demolishing of Tom Brady, they know they can get to Cam Newton. Winning the game will likely depending on bringing Newton down. They hit Brady on 12 of 39 plays when rushing four or less, that’s the biggest stat on Sunday. If they have that type of pressure against Newton it will allow them to clog throwing lanes, while placing a spy on Newton to limit his running ability. Stop Newton from having a big game, win the game. It’s that simple. 

Final Score: Denver 27, Carolina 20

Joe DiTullio (Podcast Coordinator, NFL, College Football and Basketball Writer): Peyton Manning is playing better, but the Broncos’ offense still isn’t what it once was. The team is carried by its defense, which is very good. The problem is that Carolina has a good offense and defense. Cam Newton is the best offensive player in the NFL right now and can’t be stopped. The Panthers’ defense is one of the best in the NFL and Luke Keuchly is one of the best defensive players in the NFL. Keuchly will play a huge role in slowing the Manning and the Broncos’ offense. The Carolina Panthers, who are the more complete team, will win this game.

Final Score: Carolina 31, Denver 23

Tim Miller (Founder, COO, NFL, NCAAF, and MLB Writer): After researching which uniforms the Broncos will don in Super Bowl 50, I’m confident in taking the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers. Relevant or not, the Broncos in the Super Bowl are 0-4 when wearing orange jerseys, 1-0 when wearing blue, and 1-1 when wearing white. Denver will wear white, which is the color they sported in their last Super Bowl championship. Sure, Peyton Manning runs like he has a ball and chain attached to his ankle, but that doesn’t matter. Denver’s number one defense will contain Cam Newton and the Panthers, and Peyton and Co. will do enough to manage the game. To me, this game is a virtual coin toss, and I’m halfway picking Denver due to their uniform history, and wanting Peyton Manning to ride a real Bronco into the retirement.

Final Score: Denver 26, Carolina 24

Matthew Hagan (NBA Writer): This is the year of Cam Newton. It is his world and we are all just living in it. We always hear of the proverbial passing of the torch, well Cam Newton is here to snatch that torch from Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as the face of the NFL. He is dancing his way into becoming a legend and I truly believe he is going to go down as one of the top 3 quarterbacks of all time. This team feeds off his energy and enthusiasm and he is having the most fun at the quarterback in the NFL since Brett Favre.  His passion and love for the game reminds us all why we love football. I didn’t forget about their defense either. I do not see how Denver can score more than 17 on them. This team is destined for greatness and superman is going to make this season one to be remembered forever by winning the Super Bowl.

Final Score: Carolina 27, Denver 17

Steve Kurnentz (NFL Writer): Super bowl 50 will include the top teams from each conference for the first time since 1993, when the Cowboys beat the Bills in the Georgia Dome. Odds makers in Las Vegas have said they’ve never seen a more one sided betting margin as everyone is hammering the Panthers. It seems like the Panthers get to at least 30 points every game and even though they face the best defense in the league, I think they get to that number again. Now the question is if Peyton Manning and his offense can get more than 30 points and I just don’t see that happening at all. The Panthers are +162 in the first half this season and if they get off to a hot start this could be the Seahawks-Broncos game all over again. Watch for quarterback Cam Newton to use his legs a lot this game against a Broncos team that pressure’s the quarterback more than any team this year. 

Panthers 31, Broncos 26

Scott Taylor (MLB Writer): The soon to be league MVP Cam Newton leads the Panthers to a Super Bowl title in a game that will be all but over by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Panthers D will suffocate string-armed Peyton Manning and shut down their running game. The Panthers unique offense led by Newton will get enough done against the stellar Broncos D to make this an easy victory.

Panthers 27, Broncos 10

Tracy Fuller (Social Media Coordinator): Welcome to the Big Game. 50 years of incredible football with memorable match-ups. This year is no different. If you would have asked me at the beginning of the season, I would have non-hesitantly hinted that the Denver Broncos would be at the Big Game. However, the Carolina Panthers would have not even earned a honorable mention. After witnessing this incredible season, I am humbled to say that I am truly impressed with the Carolina Panthers. The organization the communication between the players and staff, the hardwork and dedication,  the traditions and the energy of Cam Newton and the team itself. But don’t take these reasons as to why I would cheer on the Carolina Panthers. Instead, I predict that the Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl due to the fact that the offense has destroyed their opponents’ defense regardless of rank which has led to the most scoring points against their opponents throughout the season. Sure they’re facing one of the stronger defenses in the NFL and the one and only Peyton Manning, but that only means that it is going to be one of those games for the ages. Especially since I believe that this might be Peyton Manning’s last rodeo. Nonetheless, it is a game that you do not want to miss.

Final Score: Carolina 28, Denver 20

The final tally has our staff members pinning Carolina winning four times, compared to two picking Denver.

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