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The Eagles Quarterback Dilemma

The Eagles Quarterback Dilemma

The Eagles still have some decisions to make when it comes to their quarterback situation. There are some people that say give Jalen Hurts a chance and others that think the Eagles should make a trade. The most likely trade for a quarterback would be Deshaun Watson. That would also come with some baggage with the murkiness of his legal situation. It could also be a distraction for the whole team during the season. This article will take a deeper look at what Hurts could bring to the table as the Eagles starter this season. It will also look at some cons of Hurts starting. It will also take a look the trade possibilities if the Eagles do not want to go with Hurts. Here is a look at the Eagles quarterback dilemma.

Evaluating Jalen Hurts

Hurts has a lot of talent. Just look at what he did at Alabama and Oklahoma during his years in college. Hurts was on the brink of winning a Heisman during a couple of those years. The NFL is on a different level and one has to have certain talents to be a NFL quarterback. The NFL is a passing league without a doubt. A quarterback has to have a strong arm and be accurate. Hurts definitely has a strong arm. He showed that with the many times he has tried to go deep the few games he played during the season. Hurts is also not afraid to go deep, which is a great attribute to have for a young NFL quarterback.

The Eagles Quarterback Dilemma
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The accuracy is one aspect of his game that Hurts needs to improve on. His completion percentage last season was 52 percent, which needs to be greatly improved on. Hurts had six interceptions last season, which some can be blamed on his accuracy. Yes, this is based off a very small sample size, since Hurts only started four games in Philadelphia last season.

An attribute that he has that is not necessary to be an NFL quarterback is speed. Hurts is quick on his feet and has the ability to get out of sticky situations from the pocket. The Eagles quarterback had 354 rushing yards last season, which did help the Eagles out converting first downs and even converting within inside the red zone. The one thing Hurts cannot do is only rely on his speed, he has to have confidence in his arm and stay in the pocket when things get rough.

Trading for another quarterback

As said in the beginning, Watson is the most likely candidate to get traded to the Eagles. He has proven himself to be a very good quarterback in the NFL. He has brought the Texans into relevance and has even taken them to the playoffs. The Eagles would most definitely win more games if they had Watson as the starter during the regular season. He has experience and the attributes of a good NFL quarterback. Time will tell what the Eagles decide to do with the complicated trade for Deshaun Watson.

Another option would be to trade for a quarterback next season, if Hurts does not work out. The quarterback that comes to mind is Aaron Rodgers. The four-time NFL MVP and nine-time Pro Bowler would instantly bring the Eagles to into the playoff picture and even make them a Super Bowl contender. Granted, the Eagles would need to work on the cap space to have Rodgers. Another factor is whether Rodgers would even want to go to Philadelphia. There are more questions than answers no matter how we look at the trade situation for the Eagles.


The big question is what do the Eagles do this season? Do they take Watson or stick with Hurts? The most likely and beneficial option would be to stick to Hurts at the start of the season and see what the young quarterback can do. The Texans might not even trade Watson during the off season. It would benefit the Eagles to see how Watson’s legal situation pans out before trading for him. That way there are no distractions during the season. This is the Eagles quarterback dilemma.


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