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The Case for the Eagles Taking Kyle Pitts in the Draft

The Case for the Eagles taking Kyle Pitts in the Draft

The next big trade that the Eagles could be on the verge of making involves one of the better tight ends they have had in Zach Ertz. It is now time to start thinking about a replacement for Ertz. The Eagles already have one solid tight end with Dallas Goedert. Goedert had over 500 yards with three touchdowns for the Eagles 2021. Sirianni wants to run a two tight end system so they need to find someone that will complement Goedert. The University of Florida prospect, Kyle Pitts, could be the perfect fit for the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the case for the Eagles taking Kyle Pitts in the draft

Kyle Pitts’ career at Florida

Pitts had a spectacular career at Florida where he became one the best tight ends in the nation. He first broke out in the 2019 season where gained over 649 receiving yards with five touchdowns. He averaged 12 yards when he got the ball. Pitts improved in 2020 more and had a spectacular season with the Gators. He had 770 receiving yards and doubled his touchdown total with 12. Pitts finished his career at Florida with many accomplishments and awards. He won the Mackey Award, which is the award given for the best tight end in the nation. He also finished 10th in the Heisman trophy race.

What can Pitts do for the Eagles?

As said earlier, Pitts would be a great complement with Dallas Goedert. This would give the Eagles two weapons at the tight end position that would put the defenses on their heels and could be one of the better tight end combos in the NFL. Pitts also has the size to be an NFL tight end. Pitts is 6-foot-6 and weighs 246 pounds. If the Eagles can get the ball to Pitts multiple times a game, then this could spell problems for opposing NFL defenses. He is strong and can break tackles and get yards after the catch. He can also go up and catch those 50/50 balls. Pitts is also an elite player in the red zone as he has never dropped a pass in that area of the field. Taking Pitts would give the Eagles a better opportunity to score points in the red zone and bring up their point production.

The Case for the Eagles Taking Kyle Pitts in the Draft

Kyle Pitts (photo vis

The trait that could be an x-factor for the Eagles is that Pitts has experience as a wide receiver. During his time with the Gators, he would sneak into the slot and burn corners and safeties that dare to try and cover him. Pitts could be used the same way in Philadelphia. They can rotate Pitts as a receiver and a tight end. This gives the Eagles options to give their offense a different look. This allows the Eagles to use Pitts more often within two different positions. Pitts also has the speed even for being such a big guy; he can definitely outrun defenses and get open as a receiver. His biggest ability is his strength. He has the ability to out-muscle safeties and make a play on the ball.

Closing arguments and draft prediction for Pitts

The Eagles would have to take Pitts in the first round if they want a chance to acquire his services. The Eagles currently have the 6th pick in the draft. The biggest competition the Eagles could have for Pitts is the Cincinnati Bengals, who has the 5th pick in the draft. The Eagles could either take a chance and see if the Bengals decide to take him or they could potentially trade up for Pitts. The last argument for Pitts is that he is from Philadelphia, which already could give the Eagles and Pitts a connection.

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