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The Broncos No Longer Need Peyton Manning – Brock Osweiler Is A Force to Be Reckoned With

Can Osweiler fill the shoes of Peyton Manning? (Courtesy of

Can Osweiler fill the shoes of Peyton Manning? (Courtesy of

Written By: Tracy Fuller

Everyone has heard of the remarkable Peyton Manning, an extraordinary quarterback of his time whom has broken numerous records for multiple teams and has earned numerous division titles. However, the 2015 Peyton Manning is not that same quarterback. Although still passionate about the game, watching him play has been an eye sore until he injured his left plantar fascia and ribs in the Week 10 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs that resulted in a loss. Although Peyton Manning’s return is uncertain, Brock Osweiler is currently filling the position by keeping the Denver Broncos playoff hopes alive with the additional possibility of clinching the AFC West Title while currently sitting at 10-2.

Since, Manning’s unplanned departure, Osweiler has completed 73 of 119 for 832 yards with a 61.3% overall completion rating with five touchdowns, three interceptions, twelve sacks and zero fumbles during 3.1 games. Compare these to the “2015” Peyton Manning with just only 193 of 322 for 2180 yards with only a 59.9% completion rating with nine touchdowns, seventeen interceptions, fifteen sacks and one fumble during 9.3 games. It is very clear that Osweiler is placing himself within a position that will hopefully give him an opportunity to take himself and the Denver Broncos to the playoffs.

With this comparison, the real question of all of this is who do the Denver Broncos keep as their quarterback if Peyton Manning is cleared to start? With the 2015 season quickly coming to an end as well as having playoffs being just around the corner, quarterback decisions are very vital to any NFL team that could potentially pave the way of how a teams’ season could end.

Sure, both quarterbacks have secured some wins but their performances on the field differ. Communication has improved drastically since Osweiler has stepped in as well as the overall chemistry of the team. Why would you consider to bring Peyton Manning back? After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

As long as the Broncos continue to play like they are currently doing against both unskilled and skilled opponents, then it will become apparent of where the true weaknesses were and will result in utilizing the opportunity of building on the teams’ current strengths that the team has built as a whole and move forward with future decisions.

Personally, I look forward to watching Brock Osweiler attempt to try and keep up with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers; Tom Brady and the New England Patriots; and Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals in their upcoming games whom are currently a well-earned undefeated team and two phenomenal overall teams whom are all games away from clinching a playoff spot. As for Peyton, I wish him a speedy recovery, however I am not quite ready to see him return to the field.
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