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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win Superbowl In Blowout Victory

TAMPA, FL.- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat The Kanas City Chiefs in 9-31 blow out victory, crowning them the champions of the NFL 2020 season.

After some questionable penalty calls during the second quaters, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured a blow-out victory against the Kanas City Chiefs.

1st Quarter

The Buccaneers won the coin toss and met a strong defensive pressure from the Chiefs, during the first part of the first quarter. Frank Clark for the Chief even made a sack on Brady. The Bucs met the Cheif with their own strong coverage of the Chiefs wide-receivers but failed to stop them from scoring a field goal, with five minutes left in the quarter.

After the Chiefs scored, Brady and Bucs started to pick up steam and managed to score a touchdown with under a minute to go, making the score 3-7.

2nd Quarter

The Bucs came close to scoring again near the start of the second quarter, but the Chiefs defense managed to stop them, within inches of the goal line. So close, The Bucs challenged the call, but officials stood by the decision, and they lost a time out.

However, they managed to score a touchdown again, after numerous flags were thrown, that ultimately gave the Bucs another chance to score a touchdown after an offsides call on a field goal attempt. Brady then threw a touchdown Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, making the score 3-14.

The Chiefs, managed to get into field goal range near the end of the quarter, and scored another field goal attempt.

The Bucs also managed to score another touchdown, after another series of pass interference calls, with Brady throwing a touchdown to Antonio Brown. Ending the half 6-21.

The Bucs gave up 5 yards of penalty yardage compared to the Chiefs who gave up 95 yard in pentalty calls.

3rd Quater

The Chiefs managed to score another field goal, but have yet to score a touchdown the whole game. Begining the second half 9-21.

The Bucs answered back with another touchdown, with Leonard Fournette running the ball in, gaining a near 20 point lead against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs then turned over the ball on the next play, with Mahomes throwing an interception, which led the Bucs to a successful field goal, making the score 9-31 near the end of the half.

4th Quarter

The game seem to be going in slow motion for Chiefs fans, when Mahomes had two close touchdown passes, but pressure from the Bucs, caused two crucial passes to become imcomplete.

Near the end of the game, a streaker forced the game to stop with five minutes left in the game.

The game ended 9-31.

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